The 100 Most Famous Logos of All-Time

A list of the 100 most recognisable logos ever created

Almost every product category on the market has dozens or even hundreds of enterprises with well-known brand logos.

Even with a well-known emblem, it’s tough to stand out in such a crowded marketplace.

It has become much more complicated because of the rise of online marketing.

A logo is a necessary if you want to establish a visual identity for your business and its brands.

Business cards, banners, and uniforms may all include the logo. Also, it may be used as a label or sticker. Custom logo stickers and labels are also a popular way to promote a business these days.

In the same manner that these renowned logos advertise their businesses and societal impact by putting them on packaging of goods, freebies, presents, etc.

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If you’re a business owner contemplating a corporate logo or a marketing student trying to grasp the relevance of a well-designed logo, keep reading.

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The tales behind the world’s 100 most recognisable logos are told in this article.

1 – The Walmart

A spark, inspiration, and Sam Walton’s outstanding ideas are all represented by the Walmart logo, which is ranked number one on our list of the 100 most famous logos ever. The logotype’s form, colour, and typeface all have additional connotations for Walmart.

File:Logh WM dasd.png – Wikimedia CommonsVisit

In 1962, George Lois created the Walmart logo. Wal-initial Mart’s logotype was “Walmart,” which was altered to “Walmart Stores” in 1963. The “Inc.” was dropped from Walmart’s name in 2013.

The form indicates Walmart’s commitment to environmental and organic practises.
Commitment to excellence and enthusiasm are shown via the use of blue and yellow.
The typeface, which is all lowercase and rounded to represent transparency, conveys a sense of simplicity.

2 – Royal Dutch Shell

Shell’s first service station in California was located in the state. There was a significant number of Spaniards in the population. Shell opted for the red and yellow of the Spanish flag as its colour scheme. The form is a tribute to the founder’s memory. –

Logo of Royal Dutch Shell, used from 1948 to 1955
Unknown author
Public domain

In 1928, Herbert Bayer developed the Shell logotype, which bears his name. Shell Oil Co. was the initial name of the company’s logotype, however it was subsequently renamed.

3 – The Apple Logo:

The Apple Logo: The logomark utilised was an apple with a bite from the notion of sticking to a basic apple logo design. The image of Isaac Newton was dropped in favour of this.

 Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

With their iconic logos, they depict how computers are used to distribute information. As a last example, the narrative of Adam and Eve demonstrates the idea of humanity’s spiritual awakening. Discover the history of Apple’s logo, from its inception to the present.

Ronald Wayne, a co-founder of Apple, developed the first Apple logo. In 1976, he created the logo. Newton had found an apple, and the logo was based on it. In 1998, Rob Janoff revamped the logo.

4 – The Microsoft logo 

Microsoft Logo | Microsoft’s Image Taken from hands on Lumia… | Bhupinder Nayyar | FlickrVisit

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Each of the four colours of the Microsoft logo stands for a different part of the company. Windows is shown by the blue square. The colour red is associated with the Office. It’s all about having fun with Xbox in the colour green. As for the surface, it’s represented by the yellow. Despite the fact that there is no evidence to support the use of yellow.

5 – Google’s 

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Each of Google’s well-known logos is distinctive. All of the basic colours are included in the colour iterations that it employs. Symbolizing ‘leadership,’ the ‘L’ letter is distinct and distinct from the other colours. Only Google has a constantly evolving logo. This feature makes it distinct and conveys the brand’s worth via the shifting logos from the original logo.

6 – The IBM 

Wikimedia Commons | License details

Graphic design has advanced at a rapid pace since the IBM logo was introduced. Take a look back at the evolution of the IBM logo. Known graphic designer Paul Rand created the IBM logo.

7 – McDonald’s 

The “Golden Arches” of McDonald’s are the company’s classic logo. McDonald’s distinctive style was shown by the use of the letter M into their iconic emblems.

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As soon as you see the McDonald’s logo, you know what you’re in for. The golden arches and the golden colour of the arches are easily recognisable as McDonald’s.

8 – Toyota’s

This is the form of Toyota’s logo: an oval. Since its inception, their iconic logos have undergone a number of alterations. Discover the development of Toyota’s emblem over the years.

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Founded in 1937 and based in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturing company. In 1937, Kiichiro Toyoda created the firm. Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation is the world’s second-largest carmaker in terms of manufacturing volume. Lexus, Scion, and Daihatsu are just a few of Toyota’s 14 brands. Toyota is also the parent company of the Daihatsu brand, which is sold across Asia under the Toyota umbrella.

9 – Samsung

Korean-based firm Samsung is number nine. The name ‘Samsung’ in the Korean language alludes to three stars. Samsung’s creator aspired to be as enduring in the marketplace as the stars in the night sky. It also represents authority. Throughout its evolutionary history, the logo’s importance has increased. Learn about the history of the Samsung logo.

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Lee Byung-Chul, the founder of Samsung, launched the company in 1938. Initially, he set up shop as a trade firm. Samsung began making electrical devices in 1947 and hasn’t looked back since.

10 – Ford 

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Using the oval form of the well-known Ford emblem, the company conveys a sense of both dependability and affordability. The logo names of the first automobile manufacturing firm still include the name of the company’s founder. Style is represented by the letters F and D.

11 – The Honda 

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The big “H” of the Honda emblem conveys a sense of assurance and durability. The logo, which is named after the company’s founder Soichiro Honda, still features the original “H.”

12 – The Hewlett Packard 

In the Hewlett-Packard emblem, the surnames of the two founders are incorporated together. Blue is a symbol of greatness, whereas white is a symbol of gracefulness. The logo’s H and P tails signify the company’s innovative nature.

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13 – Tesco

Tesco’s famed emblems speak of the company’s goods’ reliability. The colours blue and red are associated with wealth. The company’s headquarters were in the United Kingdom, thus the use of British flag colours. The typeface that appears in the logo was created specifically for Tesco.

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14 – The Petro China

The Petro China logo demonstrates the company’s devotion to the environment, as well as energy. The design is identical to that seen on China’s flag.

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The biggest oil and gas corporation in China is PetroChina Limited. Beijing is home to the company’s headquarters, and it is listed on the HKEx in Hong Kong. In 1999, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) bought a 51% interest in China Petrochemical Corporation, resulting in the establishment of the new corporation (CPC).

More than 30 nations are served by PetroChina’s business. Exploration and production, refinement, marketing, and distribution are all part of the company’s activities.

15 – The Exxon Mobil 

Wikimedia Commons
File:Exxon Mobil Logo.svg – Wikimedia Commons

15 – The rich colours of the Exxon Mobil logo convey energy. By making a “X” in each of the two “Xs,” it further enhanced trustworthiness.

16 – The BP logo

As you can see from the colours, the BP emblem has a deeper meaning behind it. Helios, the god of the sun, is shown in green and yellow. It is a symbol for all sorts of energy.

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Symbolizing riches, yellow is the colour of gold, which is yellow. Because of this, the BP monogram is included in the BP logo.

17 – Volkswagen’s 

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Volkswagen’s iconic emblem depicts the company as a maker of “people’s automobiles.” Volkswagen The initials of the company’s name are shown in the logo’s design.

18 – The Colgate logo

File:Colgate logo red.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons
File:Colgate logo red.svg – Wikimedia Commons

Red and white are used together in the Colgate logo. Dynamism is represented by the red, while truthfulness is represented by the white. The logo plays an important role in the product’s broad adoption due to its high quality.

19 – Mazda

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The logo of Mazda has an extended M that resembles two wings. The owl-like form represents the company’s forward-looking outlook and goal-oriented characteristics. Toshihiko Fukunaga, a Japanese graphic designer, created the Mazda logo.

20 – The Batman logo

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The vigour symbolised by the bat with yellow wings is shown in the Batman emblem. The well-known logo structure is a symbol of boldness and grace.

21 – The Subway logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Subway 2016 logo.svg – Wikimedia Commons

On the S and Y letters of the Subway’s emblem are two arrows, symbolising entrance and departure. A “motion” and eating on the go are both implied by the term.

22 – The Motorola logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Motorola new logo.svg – Wikimedia Commons

Motorola’s ability to employ the colour blue is symbolised by its logo. This SEO agency’s logo uses the same colour scheme to convey trustworthiness, superiority, and approachability.

23 – The Roxy logo

Quicksilver’s women’s apparel brand, Roxy, gets its name from the Roxy logo design. In the form of a heart, Quicksilver has blended two of its iconic trademarks.

24 – The Lacoste logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Logo da Lacoste.png – Wikimedia Commons

As part of a wager between Rene Lacoste and the captain of the French Davis team, Lacoste came up with the Lacoste emblem. Rene had been promised a crocodile skin luggage by the captain if they were successful. As time went on, the crocodile in the emblem became a tribute to Rene, the sport’s unsung hero. As a symbol of elegance and flair, the Lacoste emblem has become synonymous with the brand.

25 – The Verizon logo

File:Verizon Logo 2000 to 2015.svg – Wikipedia

Red and black are two of the most manly colours, and Verizon’s logo reflects this. The red checkmark in the logos of some of the most well-known companies is a symbol of their quality.

26 – The National Geographic logo

Wikimedia CommonsFile:Logo Chaine National Geographic Channel.png – Wikimedia Commons

There’s something about the National Geographic logo that is both simple and powerful. A door is shown by the yellow rectangle. This is a gateway to a vast ocean of information on the natural world, human culture, and everyday life. Sunlight and understanding are depicted through the usage of yellow.

27 – The Firefox logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Firefox brand logo, 2019.svg – Wikimedia Commons

The Firefox logo is a visual representation of what the browser can do. To represent how far the firm has spread over the globe, an engulfing fox fire is shown. The new firefox logo, on the other hand, symbolises the browser’s speed. Dave Hyatt created the Firefox logo.

28 – The Nissan logo

Since its inception in 1932, Nissan’s red-and-blue emblem has remained almost unchanged. For a fresh look and feel, it has undergone some small tweaks. In 1988, with a modification in font colour, it was acquitted. Logos that have been around for a long time still have familiar forms, indicating the company’s previous status and quality. A more sophisticated look is achieved with the new colour scheme. It is one of the most well-known emblems, and it serves as a reminder of Nissan’s rich history.

29 – The BMW logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:BMW.svg – Wikimedia Commons

a nod to the company’s storied past in the aviation business, as seen in its emblem. The Bavarian flag is represented by blue and white elements. Although this isn’t the sole acknowledged explanation, many people believe that the whirling airscrew is to blame.
Franz von Holzhausen created the first logo in 1923, and Wilhelm Hofmeister updated it in 1928.

30 – The Hitachi company logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Hitachi logo LIGHT HIRES.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The power of the Hitachi corporation is symbolised by its emblem. As an abstract slash, the X in the renowned logo design symbolises strength and energy. The typeface and design convey the company’s forward-thinking approach to growth.
Helvetica Neue, a sans serif font, is used for the Hitachi logotype. Max Miedinger created the typeface and Linotype published it in 1988.

32 – The Siemens logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:SBT logo.jpeg – Wikimedia Commons

The Nestlé logo is a representation of the founder’s family and the name of the company he founded. The family shown in later iterations of the logo is a generic contemporary one.

Nestlé’s logo is a nod to the company’s rich history. Designed by Swiss designer Max Miedinger in 1957, the logotype is Helvetica Neue. In its initial form, the typeface was intended to be used as a display face for signs.

When you see the Siemens emblem, you can’t help but be moved. When the tagline was added, the company was expressing its capacity to innovate internationally in graphic design and marketing. The logotype is powerful, straightforward, and instantly recognisable because to its unusual shape.

33 – The Boeing logos

File:Boeing full logo.svg – Wikipedia

It is still emblazoned on the Boeing emblems with names. The colour blue is often used to represent greatness and superiority.

The company’s logo also features an aeroplane, which serves as a visual representation of its expertise in the aviation business. The logo is both basic and attractive at the same time. Arthur E. Davis designed the Boeing logo in 1916. The company’s letterhead was built around the emblem upon its inception. When the firm began building aeroplanes in 1928, a new logo had to be created. The company’s logo was modified for the second time in 1959, when it began producing jet aircraft.

34 – Amazon’s famous logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Amazon PNG6.png – Wikimedia Commons

This is a clear indication of Amazon’s ability to sell a wide variety of items via its iconic logo design. The arrow pointing from A to Z in the logo indicates the company’s wide range of products and services.

Jeff Bezos established Amazon in 1994. When it first began out, it was primarily an online bookshop, but it has since expanded to include a wide range of things from DVD and CDs to electronics to clothing to toys to jewellery to beauty products.

35 – Procter & Gamble logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Amazon PNG6.png – Wikimedia Commons

After having a beard logo in the past, Procter & Gamble has now converted to a wordmark. The 13 colonies of the United States were portrayed by the stars in their iconic logos and titles. Few, however, realised how profound an impact the company’s wordmark would have. A satanic-themed logo performed wonderfully despite objections.

36 – The Hyundai logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Amazon PNG6.png – Wikimedia Commons

Customers and employees shake hands in the Hyundai emblem because of the H engraved on it. There are two distinct ways in which the ellipse represents a company’s worldwide reach.

37 – The Sony logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Sony logo.svg – Wikimedia Commons

The Latin origin of Sony’s name is related with the logo design. Strength is conveyed in a straightforward manner with the use of the term “sound.”

Despite its simplicity, the Sony logo is one of the most recognisable in the world. It exemplifies the company’s primary value proposition: the power of sound. A typewriter-like typeface is used in the logo of Sony, which is blue and has the word “sony” written in a similar way.

38 – The Panasonic logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Panasonic logo.svg – Wikimedia Commons

As you can see, the Panasonic logo has a very clean and simple design. The colour blue is a symbol of hope and stability.

39 – The Mitsubishi logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Mitsubishi Motors SVG logo 2.svg – Wikimedia Commons

The Mitsubishi emblem has three diamonds, which symbolise dependability, success, and integrity. The components and structure of this well-known logo represent the name’s meaning.

40 – The 3M logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:3M wordmark.svg – Wikimedia Commons

In the 3M logo, the letters 3 and M are stacked on top of one another. The company’s ability to create fine details is shown by the overlapping font.

‘Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company’ is the origin of the 3M abbreviation. Originally known as the “Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation,” the company changed its name to its present one in 1925.

41 – The Museum of London logo

Museum of London – Wikipedia

In the Museum of London emblem, which changes colours to reflect changes in London’s topography, the number 41 appears. 3sixteen, a London-based design agency, created the logo.

42 – The Pepsi logo

Pepsi Globe – Wikipedia

There are a lot of graphic design secrets behind the Pepsi logo. The flag’s colour scheme is reflected in the colour code. However, differing notions have a significant impact on where things are placed.
Paul Rand, a graphic designer, created the Pepsi logo. During this period, Rand was employed as a Pepsi employee. In 1962, he created the logo.

43 – The Rolex logo

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The Rolex emblem depicts the French word for “exquisite” in the logo. The crown in the emblem represents the success that comes with owning a Rolex watch.

As a sign of status and wealth, the Rolex emblem is ubiquitous. The brand’s message is well communicated via the logo, which is easily recognisable.

44 – The Unilever logo

Unilever – Wikipedia

A large “U” appears in the Unilever logo. This engraves images of the wide range of items that fall within its purview.

45 – Bentley logo

Wikimedia Commons
File:Bentley motif – Flickr – exfordy (1).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The Big ‘B’ in Bentley’s renowned brand logos is the initials of the founder’s surname, which is the Big ‘B’ in Bentley’s famous brand logo. There are two wings affixed to the “B” in the vehicle company’s emblem that represent the car’s efficiency, which is remarkably similar to one with wings. Luxury, elegance, and performance are all immediately linked to the Bentley brand.

46 – The MasterCard logo

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Colors of red and yellow appear in the MasterCard logo, creating a distinctive look. It’s no secret that the colour red evokes feelings of vigour and fervour in people. Yellow, on the other hand, is associated with wealth. It implies that wealth may be attained not just via the use of cash, but also by using a MasterCard. In today’s world, the MasterCard emblem stands for reliability, safety, and security. It’s a sign of self-assurance.

47 – Dell logo

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Dell’s logo has a slanted “E” to signify the founder’s aim to “turn the world on its ear”.

48 – The Goldman Sachs logo

Two colours, blue and white, make up the Goldman Sachs logo. Optimism and purity are symbolised by blue and white, respectively.

International financial services giant Goldman Sachs has its global headquarters in the Big Apple. By total assets, it is the world’s biggest investment banking business.

Marcus Goldman and Jacob Schiff launched Goldman Sachs in 1869. To become Salomon Smith Barney, Salomon combined with Goldman Sachs in 1998. Following a corporate name change in 2000, it is now known as the corporation it is today.

49 – The Yamaha logo

There are three forks shown in the Yamaha logo. Effective manufacturing, cutting-edge technology and efficient sales are seen in these images. Those are Yamaha’s three main selling points. To represent the company’s initials, the forks are positioned in such a manner that the letter Y appears.
In red, Yamaha’s emblem appears. Passion, vigour, and life are all associated with the colour red. The colour red is also associated with feelings of love, passion, and warmth.

50 – The BBC logo

Its use of bold typefaces gives the BBC logo an air of confidence and strength among its rivals. The three boxes containing the firm name’s initials imply advancement.

51 – The word Nike logo

In Greek mythology, Nike is the name of the victory-loving God. “Swoosh” represents the wing, “Swoosh,” of god, which symbolises strength and inspiration. Carolyn Davidson, a student at Portland State University’s graphic design programme, came up with the Nike logo.

52 – Baskins Robbins logo

Baskins Robbins is the result of the amalgamation of two brothers’ businesses. It’s unique due to the inclusion of the number “31.” It indicates the diverse flavours that are available on different days of the week.

When Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins launched their first ice cream parlour in Glendale, California, in 1945, they started the world’s biggest ice cream franchise. As of now, there are almost 3,000 Baskin-Robbins locations in 50 different countries.

53 – Picasa holds logo

Picasa has an eye-catching logo that is full of colour. The shutters of a camera are shown by the structured colours. A home is shown in the white portions. The Spanish firm has referred to itself as “The House of Pixels” throughout its history.

54 – The FedEx logo

This is one of the most recognisable brand logos in the world. An optical illusion is shown in the logo. In this case, the arrow shows the relationship between the letters “E” and “X.” The arrow denotes fast and accurate service. The letter “Ex” in the logo denotes the company’s success in several fields.

The FedEx Corporation was established in 1971 in Memphis, Tennessee, by Frederick W. Smith. The firm offers next-day delivery as a service. Memphis, Tennessee, is home to FedEx’s corporate headquarters. It employs more than half a million people throughout the globe.

55 – Audi logo

A combination of four companies, Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer resulted in the formation of Audi. Its logo has four circles, which each reflect the contributions of the company’s partners.
In 2017, Audi outsold Mercedes-Benz as the world’s second-best-selling luxury car brand. Production of Audi-branded automobiles takes place at nine different locations across the globe.

Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany, where the firm was established on July 28, 1932, by engineer August Horch and designer Anton Pich, is the company’s primary headquarters. The word “quatro” comes from the Latin audire, which means “to listen,” and the word “quatro” itself, which means “four.”

56 – The Sony VIAO logo

A blend of analogue impulses and the digitally altered environment is shown in the Sony VIAO logo.

Analog and digital images are represented by the letters ‘V and A, respectively.’

When the letters “V” are overlaid on each other, they represent Sony’s dedication to providing clients with cutting-edge image solutions.

57 – AG Low logo

is an AG While Low’s logo is basic, its message is clear. The name of the business is spelled in a way that resembles a floor plan. When a logo like this is used, it clearly indicates the company’s role in the community.

58 – The Dove logo

The colours and symbolism of the dove represent peace, pleasure, and plenty. The company’s objective is clearly communicated via the logo.

59 – NBC logo

An eye-catching logo, with six distinct hues, represents NBC’s six divisions. There is an elongated white peacock facing the camera. Rather of dwelling on the past, the company’s aim is to focus to the future instead.

National Broadcasting Company is the abbreviation for NBC. In 1926, the corporation was created by a group of businessmen. It is a media firm based in the US. Television networks, radio stations, and production organisations are all owned by NBC.

60 – The LG logo

The LG logo has three’smileys’. It portrays a grin to fit its taglines, which state that one should smile since life is pleasant.

61 – Cisco logo

There are a few vertical lines in Cisco’s renowned emblem that have a secret significance. To begin, digital signals are represented by these symbols. They also represent San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge. This is where the firm is headquartered. Richard J. Stephenson created the Cisco logo in 1984.

62 – Toblerone logo

There’s a concealed bear in the Toblerone emblem since that’s where the company’s initial factory was located. The name “Bern” is derived from the city’s reputation as the “City of Bears.” Daniel Peter Tobler created the Toblerone chocolate business in 1912. In the Bernese Oberland, he founded his first store.

63 – The Burger King logo

The company’s primary product, the hamburger, is depicted in the Burger King emblem.

David H. Adler created the Burger King logo in 1954. Originally, the logo was created to promote the “Burger Chef” restaurant chain. Robert M. Stern, an Adler associate, developed the logo in 1955. Stern updated the logo for the second time in 1958.

64 – Ubuntu logo

The term “Humanity” appears in Ubuntu. Three people are seen holding hands and gazing up at the sky in the logo. The phrase “circle of friends” has the same connotation. The Zulu term “Ubuntu” implies “humanity to others” in the African language.

65 – Sun Microsystems logo

The business logo of Sun Microsystems reads ‘Sun’ from every angle. This shows that the business offers comprehensive solutions.

Santa Clara, California-based Sun Microsystems is a worldwide computer technology company. Servers, storage, networking, software, and middleware are all part of the company’s product line, which it creates, produces, and sells.

66 – Domino’s logo

The Domino’s logo has three dots, which reflect the company’s initial three sites. When new franchises opened, a red dot was supposed to be added. Since its inception in 1960, Papa John’s Pizza has grown to include 14,000 locations worldwide. Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the company’s home base.

67 – Hershey’s Kisses logo

Hershey’s Kisses demonstrate the use of negative space. 67 There is a kiss between the letters K and I in the logo shown.

68 – Carrefour logo

In French, the word “carrefour” means “crossroads.” A “VC” is sandwiched between two arrows, indicating a fork in the road. Help customers make wise business choices at the crossroads of their enterprise.

69 – Wikipedia logo

Wikimedia’s logo, which depicts an unfinished world, is very clever. It illustrates the perpetual nature of knowledge. The globe is framed with a mosaic of symbols from throughout the world. Larry Sanger, one of Wikipedia’s original founders, created the logo.

70 – London Symphony Orchestra logo

The London Symphony Orchestra’s iconic logo has a double meaning. Its name is abbreviated to two letters, which are written on the object. When the conductor’s baton is seen, though, he or she is there. Design agency Pentagram created the London Symphony Orchestra’s logo.

71 – Facebook Places logo

The arrows on Facebook Places are marked with the number “4”. In most check-in applications, “Four Square” is already a competitive symbol.

72 – The circus of Magazines logo,

The circus of Magazines logo, albeit selected for a publishing firm, seems like a circus tent at first sight. The pages of the magazine may be seen through the tent’s folds.

73 – Eighty 20’s logo

Eighty 20’s logo seems to be two rows of square boxes, one on top of the other. A keen eye, however, is required to see the corporate name in binary form.

74 – The Beats logo

A pair of headphones are shown in the Beats logo. Headphones are shown by the B in the logo’s circle, which represents a human head.

75 – My Fonts logo

There are 75 fonts in My Fonts, a font repository. As a nod to a person’s inner power, the “My” in the logo is shaped like a hand and has several hidden meanings.

76 – Le Tour de France

The yellow circle on the emblem of the 76th Tour de France indicates that the event takes place while the sun is out. It also has a bicycle imprinted with the race’s theme. Every year, the Tour de France, a professional road cycling competition, takes place in France. If you’re a cyclist, this is a must-see event. In 1903, the inaugural Tour de France was contested.

77 – Yoga Australia logo

One of Yoga Australia’s most well-known marketing images portrays a woman doing yoga. However, the white area between her legs and arms shows the outline of Australia’s landscape. It illustrates the connection between it and its genesis.

78 – Mister Cutts logo

Mister Cutts uses a scissor in the creation of a unique logo. Look at it and you see a moustache and spectacles on a face.

79 – The Twitter logo

At one point, the company used a bluebird named “Larry” as their emblem, but that changed over time. The social media business paid $6 for the shot of the bird on a stock photo website.

80 – The Walt Disney logo

The Walt Disney emblem does not have the founder’s signature, but rather that of an employee. Walt Disney established the Walt Disney Company in 1923. The Walt Disney Company, Inc. is the company’s official name, however it is often referred to as just Disney.

81 – Coca-Cola logo

One of Coca-best-known Cola’s trademarks is a logo that symbolises its long history. The flag of Denmark appears between the words. This was a fluke, but it used as a marketing tool in Denmark.

Frank Mason Robinson created the Coca-Cola logo in 1886. It was first seen on an Atlanta soda fountain.

82 – The Goodwill logo

If you look closely, you can see a half-G in the Goodwill emblem. The company’s goal is to put a smile on the faces of those who are less fortunate. Its name is represented by the G, while its function is symbolised by a grin. Simple yet effective, the Goodwill logo is an excellent choice. It conveys the organization’s sincerity and mission in this way.

83 – The Gillette logo

Sharpness and accuracy are shown by slicing G and I from Gillette’s trademark emblem. Grace and elegance are conveyed via the usage of this colour. The G and I in the company’s emblems are neatly sliced to demonstrate their accuracy. Grace and elegance are symbolised by the colour selected.

84 – Kolner Zoo logo

Other than animals, this mural depicts a prominent feature of Cologne’s cathedral, the Kolner Zoo.

85 – The Continental logo

If you look closely at the Continental logos, you can see the tyre portrayed in the C and O letters.

86 – Pittsburgh Zoo logo

The Pittsburgh Zoo continues to employ negative space in their logo in the same way it has for many years. Gorillas and lions occupy the voids left by a tree in the logos for these two companies.

87 – Philadelphia Eagle’s famous logos

From 1987 forward, the Philadelphia Eagles’ recognisable logos have been mostly blue in colour instead of green. The Eagle was a symbol of the team’s creativity and high ideals in both instances.

88 – British Heart Foundation logo

Heart-shaped logo for the British Heart Foundation, at number 88. It expands when an echocardiography with good results is shown.

89 – British Blind Sport logo

British Blind Sport’s logo colour, code, and symbol have unique importance. The flag of the United Kingdom is represented by the colour codes. It shows a rugby ball and an eye, indicating the sport and the specialisation of its players.

90 – The Bronx Zoo logo

As is customary, the Bronx Zoo’s iconic emblem features a slew of animals. The New York line may be seen in the emblem between the animals’ legs if you look closely enough.

91 – San Diego Zoo logo

San Diego Zoo’s logo has an animal paw with the word “Zoo” inscribed underneath it.

92 – The Tostitos logo

A pot of salsa sits above the letter “I” in Tostitos’ emblem, which depicts two individuals. There is an underlying symbolism of two persons making salsa.

93 – VIA Rail Canada logo

Parallel lines are shown on both sides of the letter “I” by VIA Rail Canada to represent a rail track.

94 – The Mobil logo

The Mobil logo uses the right colours to convey the power of its service. The blue of their well-known emblems symbolises trust and loyalty, while the red represents power.

95 – Formula 1 logo

Formula 1 uses the empty space between the two symbols to represent a “1” in its emblem.

96 – Galeries Lafayette depicts logo

The Eiffel Tower serves as a reminder of Galeries Lafayette’s Parisian roots.

97 – The Guild of Food Writers logo

Its logo, 97, signifies the Guild of Food Writers’ contributions to the globe. Writing and eating are shown by a spoon in the shape of a pen nib.

98 – Jack in the Box logo

With a 3D stylization, Jack in the Box has revamped its brand emblems. Critics say it looks more like a video game emblem than a burger joint’s.

99 – This Bipolar famous logos

The emotional connection expressed by the colour choice and presentation of these Bipolar renowned logos. Smiley depicts the ups and downs Bipolar Disorder sufferers encounter with its dark green colour and frowning face.

100 – Killed Productions logo

In the company’s name, Killed Productions, the “I” is shown as a snoozing “Killed.” This is a classic example of a brand logo with a hidden meaning.

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