10×10 An Italian Theory is the name of an Italian fashion brand that was founded in 2013 and began with the launch of an accessories collection. In 2015, the brand expanded its offerings to include full-fledged lines of clothing for both men and women. An Italian Theory is an acronym for “An Italian Theory.” Alessandro Enriquez, a designer well known for his work for Costume National, is the brains behind the creation of the company.

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The significance and the past

10×10 An Italian Theory is not your typical clothing company due to the fact that its history originated from a book that the creator of the label, Alessandro Enriquez, wrote and published. That was a book that had interviews with Italian artists and creatives who had been the most influential on the designer. After ten interviews, a brand featuring the number “10” at its centre was created.

The author’s own passion for his own country shines through in each and every one of the interviews included in the book. This affection was infused into both the men’s and women’s fashion lines that 10×10 created. A trademark associated with Italian Theory.

Irony, a lack of boundaries, an Italian joy of life, and, of course, a desire for simple pleasures are the guiding principles that inform the design of clothing and accessories sold under the 10×10 An Italian Theory label. This principal designer of the company is Alessandro Enriquez.

The unconventional design, unique designer prints, airiness, and brightness of Alessandro Enriquez’s clothing and accessories make them stand out from the items offered by another company owing to the fact that they are lighter and brighter.

What exactly is the 10×10 theory that the Italians have?

The Italian fashion company known as 10×10 An Italian Theory was founded in 2013 by Alessandro Enriquez as an illustration to his book of the same name. In the book, the author compiled ten interviews with notable Italians in which they discussed their love of life and Italy.

In terms of its visual identity, the brand here stays true to its own direction. It utilises a colour scheme that is conventional for the sector—black and white—and a concept that is text-based, all while maintaining a hip and unconventional logo. The wording is done in a special font, and the form of the badge is quite different from the ones that are on the tags of the garments, which we have been used to seeing.

2015 – Today

image credit 10×10 AN ITALIAN THEORY LOGO

The 10×10 The form of a circle is included in an Italian Theory logo that can be seen on the official website of the business. In the centre, the numeral “10” is printed twice, with a “x” symbol placed in between each occurrence. The symbols have a series of dots around them. After the dots comes an outside ring to complete the pattern. The words “Anitaliantheory” are located at the very top, while the inscription “by Alessandro Enriquez” may be seen just underneath them.

The overall style of the emblem for the Italian company is reminiscent of a coin, and it does not resemble the badges of any other fashion labels in any way.

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