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A logo creator is a simple and quick method to create a logo for your company. It’s also the most affordable! But, before you make a selection based just on speed and cost, consider all of your design possibilities.

From the most expensive to the least expensive, there are four ways to obtain a logo:

Collaborate with a design firm;

Work one-on-one with a freelance designer.

Organize a logo design competition;

Make a logo with the help of an online logo builder.

Working with design companies is usually out of reach for small businesses. We may be biased, but we believe that holding a logo design contest is the ideal method for businesses to receive a distinctive, high-quality design at a low cost (beginning at $299). If you have a very clear notion of the style you want and have more experience dealing with and vetting designers, working with a freelancer is also an excellent choice.

What is a logo maker?

Logo builders, also known as logo creators or logo generators, are easy-to-use web-based programs that allow you to generate a logo in minutes. Some need you to enter your company’s name, choose an icon or typeface from a stock library, and select custom colors to fit your brand. Others are more open-ended, giving you a blank canvas and a collection of icons and tools with which to create your own logo.

1. Wix Logo Maker

If you have good taste and are seeking a professional logo design, the Wix Logo Maker is a good option. Wix’s free drag-and-drop website builder can be used with the logo tool, making it an excellent alternative for anybody starting from scratch.

Start by giving information like your company name and line of business, and the logo builder will create a variety of logos for you to pick from. Then, to your choice, change the text, icon, and color palette.
You may also utilize the tool to choose a professional designer if you have a more precise concept or want more personalization.

To generate your design, the technology learns what you prefer. It invites you to vote on a series of logos so that it may better grasp your tastes and preferences.
The cost of downloading basic logo files is $49, or $99 for all variations (including vector versions). When you join up for one of Wix’s premium website plans, the price reduces to $11-$24 per month.
Wix Logo Maker is an excellent option for anyone who does not have design talents but knows what they want. It’s simple to rapidly produce a professional-grade design with wide-ranging but not-too-broad choices for changing your logo.

2. Logaster

Logaster, like many other input-based logo producers, focuses on speed and convenience above creative ability.

Logaster proposes a choice of logos with different fonts, colors, and symbols when you enter your company name and industry type.
Each recommended logo may be customized in a variety of ways, including layout and color.
Logos are available for free in a small, low-quality size, while bigger, high-quality ones cost $10 to $25.
For people with a hectic schedule and limited design abilities, the ability to generate a logo fast and easily with Logaster is a huge benefit. However, Logaster’s designs appear amateurish due to the use of generic typefaces and icons. Other advanced logo makers may be better for creating a more polished look if you have the time and energy to devote to your logo.

3. Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator, which is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, is still the undisputed monarch of graphic design software. It comes with a slew of options that offer you complete control over your logo design.

The pixel grid makes it simple to position things neatly.
You can design practically any visual you can imagine with the exact shape-building tools, brushes, and extensive path controls.
The use of perspective grids can aid in the creation of realistic depth and distance.
Gradients may be highly effective when color is utilized sparingly. Interactions with gradients on an object are possible with Illustrator. Individual strokes can even have gradients applied to them while still being able to regulate their location and opacity.

With so many powerful design capabilities, Illustrator might be overwhelming for novices. At $20.99 a month, it’s also a little more pricey than other logo makers. A more simple, low-cost application may be more up your alley if you’re new to graphic design.

4. Looka (formerly LogoJoy)

Looka creates a personalized logo by combining your design choices with AI. Based on users’ color, style, and icon choices, the software utilizes AI to suggest which logo designs they would enjoy. Looka also provides marketing asset design and website development services.

Looka creates a broad range of bespoke logos depending on the color, style, and icon requirements you specify.
The amount of customization available is restricted. After you’ve designed your logos, all you have to do now is change the colors and sizes of the forms on the logo template.
Looka costs $20 for a single logo in low quality and $65 for numerous high-resolution files and color variants. For $90, the company also provides an enterprise package that includes brand guidelines, a social media kit, and graphics for business cards.

If you’re selecting between Looka and Designhill, one tiny difference is that Looka’s designs are a little bolder, with more elaborate designs. Looka is ideal for individuals who want to quickly generate a logo with minimal design labor, as well as those who want to construct a whole company system based on the logo.

5. Tailor brands

If you only want to make a few design choices, Tailor Brands’ logo creator will do the heavy lifting for you while still providing you with a wide range of professional logo possibilities.

Tailor Brands asks you a series of questions about your style preferences based on the sort of logo you desire (image-based, text-based, etc.). They provide a range of logo possibilities based on your feedback.
Their templates have a professional look to them, with custom fonts and a range of colors.
A basic $2.99 monthly subscription or a premium $10.99 monthly plan will provide you access to the logo.
If you’ve purchased the logo, you can only make changes to it.

Tailor Brands’ excellent templates and simple questioning procedure make it a perfect alternative for folks with no design skills. However, for those who want more design options, it’s a little restricted because you can only personalize after you’ve paid.

6. Logomaker

If you’re looking for a quick way to create a logo, Logomaker could be precisely what you’re looking for. This online wizard allows even people with no prior design skills to generate a brand new logo in minutes.

There’s a tonne of art to choose from, with over 10,000 icons and pictures produced by expert designers.
Customization is restricted in various ways. You may modify the font, text, and colors after you’ve generated a logo with a template, but the core template design remains the same.
You may pay $39.99 to download the original artwork once you’ve developed and saved a logo.
Logomaker is a good option for someone who wants to build a logo fast and for a fair price. The tool’s limited customization, on the other hand, makes it a poor choice for producing highly customized, one-of-a-kind logos.

7. Laughingbird

Laughingbird’s Logo Creator, like Logomaker, requires minimum design expertise and investment, thanks to built-in templates and a low one-time fee.

Over 170 logo layouts and over 200 components to slot into logos are included in Laughingbird. You may also add your own visuals to further personalize your logo.
Logo designs may be customized with a variety of additional effects and text possibilities.
The design program is $37 for a one-time price that includes limitless logo changes.
The program is great for casual businesses since the logo templates have a bright and loud look.

Laughingbird is an excellent alternative for individuals who want to rapidly design a logo with a fun, non-traditional style. It’s also affordable and simple to use. If you want a more conventional look, though, you should use a service that offers more formal templates or customizing choices.

8. Logo Design Studio Pro

With comprehensive design tools and a low one-time cost, Summitsoft’s Logo Design Studio Pro combines the best of both worlds.

The logo generator includes vector graphics and capabilities that let you resize your logo without sacrificing sharpness or clarity.
It includes over 6,000 vector shapes, pictures, fonts, and graphics, as well as over 2,000 customizable templates. You may purchase an expansion pack for extra templates if you want even more designs.
There are a variety of extra effects available, such as raising your logo off the canvas or applying a 3D bevel.
The cost is $49.99 for a one-time purchase.

Logo Design Studio Pro offers a unique blend of professional design tools and low pricing. However, because its features aren’t as advanced as those of a program like Adobe, the designs appear a little rough and unpolished when compared to the logos of major firms.

9. LogoYes

In terms of functionality, LogoYes is one of the most basic platforms on this list. The software allows you to quickly design a simple logo using pre-loaded visual elements and fonts.

The tool is incredibly simple to use. You may add text and make minor visual changes, such as rotating, resizing, flipping, or moving items, using a drag-and-drop canvas.
There are no special effects, and each logo can only have one visual symbol.
The design files for a logo, including high-resolution variants, are available for $0.99 from LogoYes.

If you only need a simple, clean logo and you’re on a tight budget, this could be the best solution for you. logos, on the other hand, is a terrible alternative for individuals who want a more elaborate, styled logo due to its lack of special effects and other design capabilities.

10. Sothink

Sothink’s Logo Maker Pro provides a lot of customization for a low one-time fee. There are several options for producing a distinctive logo that matches your company’s image.

You may choose between using one of the 300+ free templates and modifying an existing logo or starting from scratch.
Sothink features powerful coloring tools—select a dominating hue and it will suggest palettes to use.
It comes with a number of vector drawing tools as well as a number of special effects that can be applied to individual text characters.
The program may be downloaded for $59.99 as a one-time fee.

With Sothink’s tool, you receive a lot of logo creation tools for a one-time price of around $60. The coloring tools, particularly the palette suggestions, are quite helpful. Overall, Sothink’s effects aren’t as complex as Adobe Illustrator’s, making the designs appear a little flat.

11. Designhill

The Designhill logo creator is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t want to deal with individual design decisions but needs a large number of logo variations.

The program produces a broad range of bespoke logos depending on your preferences after you pick logo design styles, colors, and icons.
The logo template’s editing capabilities are limited to changing the colors and sizes of the shapes.
A low-resolution version of the logo costs $20, while a high-resolution version costs $65.
Designhill is perfect for individuals who have minimal design skills and are searching for a quick and easy logo designer with limited modification choices.

12. Canva

Canva is a website that provides graphic design tools for logos and other design tasks. It’s a terrific alternative for non-designers and pros alike because of its simple drag-and-drop editor and slick, professional layouts.

Canva features over a hundred templates to help you effortlessly create and design logos.
Its drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to organize elements within your logo template, whether they’re Canva’s or your own supplied visuals.
Because the templates are high-quality, Canva logos tend to appear professional.
If you utilize your own materials or Canva’s free elements, the logo development process is completely free. Additionally, premium components are available for $1 apiece.
Canva makes design simple, making it an excellent logo builder for folks with little or no design knowledge. While it lacks some of the more complex capabilities of more advanced applications, the logos you make with Canva’s high-quality templates will undoubtedly look great and professional.

13. Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful is the perfect logo maker for when you’re on the road. This program, which is designed for mobile devices, employs machine learning to generate brand assets for you.

The program comes with a large number of templates, allowing you to create a logo in a matter of minutes.
Hatchful provides logo ideas based on your chosen industry and other specific parameters using machine learning.
The software includes both free and paid templates, with premium designs costing up to $8.99 apiece.
The mobile design may be constrictive. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to generate the sophisticated logos that many professional businesses have on a smaller screen. At the same time, using Hatchful on a mobile device is really convenient. It’s convenient to be able to rapidly generate a logo for a last-minute project—a social media visual, an event design—from your phone or tablet.

14. Squarespace logo maker

Squarespace, in addition to website-building tools, also provides a basic logo-creation tool. It’s one of the most basic tools on the list, so it’s ideal for individuals with little time or creative experience.

In a drag-and-drop editor, rearrange text and icons.
Color, shape, and style of text and icons may all be changed.
Because the only components accessible are text and icons, customization is restricted.
You may download low-res, watermarked copies for free, or a high-res version for $10 (free if you’re a Squarespace member).
Immediacy and affordability are two of Squarespace’s strengths—you can instantly build a logo for little to no money. However, because the only elements are text and symbols, customization is difficult, and the lack of templates makes creation difficult for non-designers.

15. Graphicsprings

The logo builder from GraphicSprings is simple and easy to use, with a few complex capabilities thrown in for good measure. You may quickly make a logo, or you can spend more time modifying and polishing it if you like.
Based on the business name you provide and the industry-based image you choose, GraphicSprings develops a logo for you instantly.
After you’ve generated your logo, you may add more complex effects like strokes, shadows, and glows to give it a more professional appearance.
Because there are no templates, rearranging the logo elements might be tricky for people with minimal design skills.
You may purchase the file for $19.99 after the logo has been developed.
GraphicSprings is excellent for creating quick, low-cost logos, and the fact that it includes a few complex design capabilities is a wonderful bonus. GraphicSprings, on the other hand, is a terrible pick for individuals looking for templates and design components.

16. Logoshi

Logoshi is a good option if you want a one-of-a-kind, personalized logo at a reasonable price. It will design logos from your own sketch in addition to typical inputs like color choices and business names.

Logoshi creates logos based on a multitude of factors, including your company name, initials, color choices, and a unique drawing.
With distinct symbols and typefaces, the proposed logos appear professional—especially when they’re tailored to complement your personalized artwork.
After you’ve built the logo, you may change the color, location, and size of each piece.
Logos are available for purchase at $5 to $30. You receive a larger range of logo files with different colors and backgrounds if you pay the premium fee.

17. Logo Design

Logo Creation is for you if you want drag-and-drop functionality with the versatility of bespoke graphic design tools.

Create your logo instantly or browse over 5000 designs to get the symbol you’re looking for. Then add text, shapes, and effects like drop shadow, shine, gloss, stroke, and opacity to your symbol.
You may customize symbols without signing in or paying anything. The only time it asks for $39 is when you want to download it. Low-resolution versions are also available for free download.
The cost of two logos is $57 and three logos are $97.
LogoDesign.net is a good value for money option for individuals searching for a quick repair. With a large selection of current typefaces and a wide range of graphic symbols, you’re sure to find a logo that meets your demands.

18. LOGO.com

We thought LOGO.com deserved to be on this list when we initially came upon it. Their logo modification wizard is comparable to others, however, it offers more design options and cost flexibility than the majority.

Instantly created mock-ups of your logo on tee shirts, letterhead, and more allow you to see how it will appear before you buy it.
With typical customization tools and smart AI recommendations, you can rapidly create your design.
Choose from a variety of low-cost programs, including monthly subscriptions ($5-$20) and one-time purchases ($20-$100).
LOGO.com, like the others on our list, offers a restricted selection of style options, but it’s still a good match for small firms without the funds for a more expensive solution.

19. Zyro

Zyro is a free logo creator that prioritizes simplicity. To get started, you won’t need to register an account or do any extra actions.

Begin by entering your company’s name and tagline. Second, decide which shape will serve as the foundation for your logo. You have dozens of alternatives to pick from; simply put in a term and get started. Finally, make changes to your logo. Change the font, color, and size of the words and place them wherever you like in respect to the form. When you’re finished, save the PNG to your computer and use it on everything from your website to your business card.

20.Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs, like the other logo creators on the list, offers a wide range of templates in a number of areas. Choose your picture category, choose your logo, then update it with simplicity after entering your business name and slogan. Use fresh or popular logos to narrow down your choices.

Start with the forms and symbols if you want a little more creative license with your logo design, or use them to add a decorative touch. Although the program is free to use, downloading your completed design as a PNG, SVG, or JPG costs $19.99. If you decide to make changes in the future, you will have limitless revisions and downloads.


Try Ucraft if you’ve gotten this far down the list and still can’t find a site that meets your logo design demands. Ucraft is a website builder that offers free cloud hosting, online designs, and more. They also provide a free logo creator as an added benefit. UCraft’s free logo builder is as simple as picking an icon, adding your company name, and tweaking your fonts and colors, much like the other free tools on the list.

Ucraft has over 220,000 icons in its library that you may utilize in your design. Freely download your transparent, high-resolution PNG file!


Choose your desired logo design, font type, and colors with Designmantic’s free logo generator. After that, input your company name and choose from over 30 different industry categories. You may change the colors and text of a logo once you’ve found the one you like.

Although the tool is free, there is a charge to download your design. This means you’ll obtain a high-resolution, vector-based file that can be printed at a wide size. Unfortunately, there are no limitless downloads available on this website. It may be a terrific tool for gaining ideas if you don’t want to pay the download charge.

23.Design Hill

Design Hill provides a variety of services, including a free logo generator. Choose from hundreds of icons, change the text and colors, and save your free design. Check out their other free tools, such as Facebook and Twitter cover photo generators, a QR code generator, and more.


Squarespace provides a number of online business services, including everything you’ll need to get started with your own website. You may explore icons and edit your design using their free online logo creator, whether you’re seeking for inspiration or a fully personalized logo. Download the low-resolution version for free, or upgrade to the high-resolution version for $10. Customers with a Squarespace subscription may get the high-resolution version for free.

With such a diverse set of tools at your disposal, you may experiment with logo design regardless of your budget.

In 2021, these are the top 13 internet logo designers.

Ease of use
CustomizabilityCostEnd result
1. TailorBrandsMediumMedium$$$★★★½
 2. Logo MarkDifficultHigh$★★★½
3. LookaEasyMedium$$★★★
4. BrandmarkEasyLow$$★★★
5. DesignhillEasyLow$$★★★
6. NamecheapEasyMediumFree★★½
7. UcraftEasyMedium$★★½
8. LogasterEasyMedium$$★★
9. CanvaEasyLowFree★★
10. hatchfulEasyMediumFree★★
11. PlaceitEasyMedium$$★½
12. Free logo designEasyMedium$$★½
13. GraphicspringsEasyMedium$$$

Logos aren’t only for big businesses. Any company, large or small, can develop logos that stand out and reflect their style and goal thanks to online logo builders.

We put together this list of 25 online logo designers so you can discover the one that’s right for you. Consider your particular situation—your design talents, money, and so on—to identify a logo creator who can meet your exact requirements. If you have this design tool, you’ll be able to develop a meaningful, appealing logo that will draw people to your company.

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