An important part of branding is the creation of a memorable logo. Having a strong logo is essential to make a good first impression on prospective clients or consumers since it is frequently the first thing they see.

As we’ve progressed into 2022, we’ve seen an abundance of logos emerge, with new styles being designed constantly. Logo trends come and go, but some aspects of logo design remain constant.

We’re all ready to face the future with a new view and a new perspective as we approach 2023. Now is the ideal moment to update your logo, whether you are creating a new brand or renovating an old

Are you in the mood for some very cool logo ideas? Logo design ideas for 2023 include anything from hand-drawn graphics to gradients and glitches to vintage style features.

The Top 15 Logo Design Trends for 2023

1. The first step is to simplify things.

Simplifying logos has been a long-term trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon (2023). Because we’re not quite ready to let it go just yet, this is a good thing.

Vivek Sharma

In order to reach their target audiences, businesses are increasingly relying on digital means of communication. This new direction necessitates visuals that are clean and uncluttered. Designers are abandoning or simplifying unnecessarily complex patterns and typefaces.

Ramsés Vizcaíno

Instead, they’re turning to simple patterns that can be reproduced in a wide range of sizes and media.

2. Designing a Nature Logo

It’s more vital than ever for company logos to express an environmentally friendly message as buyers increasingly seek out organizations with sustainable credentials (where there is one). If you want to show that your company cares about the environment, you may include natural aspects in your logo design.

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A common characteristic of nature-

Md. Sohel Rana
logo & brand identity designer


inspired logos is the use of images and motifs that evoke a sense of the vast outdoors. There are a number of festivals that encourage its visitors to go back to nature by camping in the woods and lakes of the UK, such as Wilderness Festival, which has a floral-themed logo.

Mohammad Hafidz
Brand and Logo Designer
Fidznet Studio (+628561024410)

Semarang, Indonesia

Use this Roselindo Floral Wreath Save The Date logo and change the text to fit your project’s needs to add delicate petals and lovely blossoms to your logo.

3. Typography with a Twist

Your company’s individuality may be conveyed via inventive typographic solutions if you have a logo based on text. Even the most obscure brand may be completely reimagined with the help of a unique typeface.

Mohammad Hafidz
Brand and Logo Designer
Fidznet Studio (+628561024410)

Semarang, Indonesia

It’s safe to say that your viewers will be delighted by your creative typography! Making a new typeface from start is faster and less time-consuming than redesigning your current font. Your creativity is all you need!

Mohammad Hafidz
Brand and Logo Designer
Fidznet Studio (+628561024410)

Semarang, Indonesia

Think about what kind of font best conveys your brand’s identity. Keep in mind, however, that your brand must be easily readable.

4. The use of gradations

We couldn’t be happier because gradients seem to have an inexhaustible amount of potential! To put it more simply, gradients occur when different shades of the same hue blend into one another.

Md. Sohel Rana
logo & brand identity designer


This is how you make a vibrant and energetic 3D picture that seems to be “breathing.” Make sure all of the colors in your logo may be reproduced in print.

5. Disappeared letters are also a common occurrence.

A riddle is a certain approach to catch your target audience’s attention. Take remove a phrase, use fading colors, or leave a line unfinished to give your artwork a mysterious atmosphere.

Raúl Gª Uclés
Creativity + Design + Branding
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Ibiza, Spain

Visually captivating, yet technically challenging at the same time. You might wind up with a logo that is utterly unreadable if you go too far. It’s crucial to know when to quit while designing a logo.

6. Geometry That Intersects

Bold design ideas are guaranteed to appeal to you if you’re a fan of this style. Geometric forms in your logo may be used in a variety of creative ways. Experiment with various choices.

It’s possible, for example, to blend or partly overlap a number of pieces. Element stacking is a simple approach to adding depth to your artwork without a lot of effort. It’d be a shame not to take advantage of this incredible trend!

7. Negative Space

Burak Bal
Graphic designer

Eskişehir, Turkey

Graphic elements or letters may have negative space around or inside of them. These unused areas can do wonders! You may utilize it to your advantage by giving it a variety of meanings that excite you. A logo with a negative space puzzle is tough to ignore!

Burak Bal
Graphic designer

Eskişehir, Turkey

You can’t help but be mesmerized by it and want to figure out all the hidden messages. Here are a few of the best negative space logos.

8. Getting Rid of Packaging

In keeping with this year’s logo design trends, we’re also seeing companies liberate their logos from their containers.

As a consequence of the makeover, Visa’s logo no longer has the conventional rectangle associated with a credit card. A shift away from card-based payments is acknowledged as the brand’s visual identity is made more clear on both small displays and dynamic platforms.

9. Glitch Logos

Glitch logos are a terrific way to give your brand a futuristic touch by mimicking the faults of television static or misprinted colors.

Freelance graphic designer

Rouen, France

The TikTok logo, which indicates the platform’s performative aspect, demonstrates how this trend is having a significant influence. Because of its changing and overlapping hues, the logo conveys a DIY vibe, which is in line with the app’s user-generated content.

10. Specks of ink.

It’s like imagining a pattern created with a very fine-tipped pen. An ethereal logo like that is made up of thin, precise lines. This is the focus of the next trend. Using sans-serif typefaces and basic geometric shapes, this method produces a stunning effect.

Billy Arudan

There aren’t any thick or obtrusive patterns. As a consequence, you’ll end up with a beautiful, easy-to-scale piece of art that looks great on a variety of surfaces.

11. ‘Chaos’ in the Arts

In the year 2023, you’re free to do whatever you choose. Turn your letters upside down or use geometric shapes all over your design. In this world, there are no set rules that must be followed. The craziness of art is once again fashionable!

If you want to show off your brand’s creative side, this trend is ideal. And, as usual, keep your insignia legible while including a reasonable amount of disorder.

12. It’s all about equilibrium, after all.

If you’re seeking a way to emphasize your company’s stability and dependability, look no further. Using sans-serif typefaces and a symmetrical layout can help you reach your goal. It’s also possible to gain from images that are both basic and clear.

13. Monograms

The use of initials or initials with a number as a
Designers are bringing monograms back, but they’re enhancing this powerful approach with negative space, layered motifs, and dramatic geometry. When you’re armed with a toolbox like that, creating a masterpiece is within your grasp!

Sherif Eid

Finally, we’ve covered the logo design trends to watch for in 2023. If you want to design a memorable and stunning logo, use these or any other expressive approaches!

14. Gradients of varying hues

Multicolored gradients have only recently entered the realm of logo design, despite the fact that gradients have been popular for some time.

The Adobe Creative Cloud logo contains a combination of colors that symbolize the numerous tools in the company’s portfolio. Magenta is used in Indesign, whereas blue is used in Photoshop, orange is used in Illustrator, etc. The usage of multicolor gradients across Adobe’s products and services helps to create a unified look and feel for the company as a whole.

15. A Sense of Time and Place

Also, we’re seeing curved or skewed logos utilized to convey dynamism and movement. Progress and innovation are often associated with this style, which is associated with fast service and rapid thinking.

Wise’s ‘fast flag’ logo for money transfer is an excellent example. It appears on the company’s website, app, and social media profile photographs, with its forward-leaning, flying-in-the-wind emblem.

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