1. AI for Text, Speech and Vision Will Continue its Journey into Mainstream
  2. Generative AI in the Art and Creative Space
  3. Explainable AI to Make Ethical and Responsible AI a Reality
  4. Adaptive AI Sharpening and Elevating Customer and Brand Experiences
  5. Edge AI Will Become More Ubiquitous

The democratisation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise space has accelerated over the last decade. Balakrishna DR, EVP and head of AI and automation at Infosys, discusses the five most important AI trends that businesses should be aware of in the near future.

Many organisations are maturing their AI initiatives. Interestingly, as AI becomes more embedded in the business landscape and new use cases emerge, I believe some positive trends will take centre stage in the coming year. Here’s a bird’s-eye view from my vantage point.

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