6 Exciting Book Cover Design Trends for 2022

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We are at a turning point in book cover design Trends—business as usual is no longer an option. Sure, the fundamentals of book design remain the same—covers must be clear, readable, and genre-appropriate, all while projecting enough mystery to persuade a potential reader to take it up off the shelf. Beyond that, book designers are breaking norms and pushing limits to create captivating and provocative covers that actually thrill.

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Here’s our most recent collection of book cover design trends.

There’s something for everyone right now, from humorous but welcome fun designs to striking covers that take you by the lapels at first look. Continue reading to see which book cover trends we’re most enthusiastic about for 2022!

Book covers with a distinct typeface
Book covers with delicate illustrations
Book covers with rainbows and primary hues
Book covers with texture
Covers for photography books that are creative
Materials seen on book covers

Book covers with distinctive typefaces

Book Cover Design Trends for 2022

A handful of bold, readable serifs has become widespread in book cover design across all genres in recent years. They were easy to read and bold, yet they lacked personality and seemed hollow. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in very unique typefaces over the last year, and we expect this trend to continue far beyond 2022. Expect retro-style serifs that recall back to the 1970s and 1980s, as well as serifs that push the boundaries of readability (see Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming), yet aren’t easily forgotten.

Book covers with delicate illustrations

Book Cover Design Trends for 2022

While illustrated covers have been popular for a long time, recent drawings have been heavy and inspired by the great mid-century artists. While older forms are still popular, lighter illustration styles are beginning to emerge, such as the delicate flower skull on the cover of Ghost Wall. Line art is slowly making a comeback as well. Line drawings inspired by Matisse and Picasso combine wonderfully with type treatments for a surprisingly contemporary look.

  1. Book covers with rainbows and vibrant hues

While subdued neutrals and stark black and white covers will always have a place, vibrant colors will be the focus in 2022. Pure reds, blues, and yellows are considered dangerous by some designers, while others, such as prominent designer Oliver Munday, are experimenting with the striking potential of a pure red.

Book covers with texture

Book Cover Design Trends for 2022

In the past, covers emphasized a limited palette of colors (one or two at most), but in 2022, we may see a resurgence of vibrant rainbow hues. Earlier in the decade, a cover like the one for Dead Astronauts would have been rejected, but now, its crazy colors are totally on-trend.
Because so many people discover new books while browsing Amazon, it’s more vital than ever that a book’s cover stands out both on the shelf and online. A passion for texture will be one-way designers will tackle this in 2022. Even when seen on a screen, we’re seeing more covers that use texture to create touchable, tactile coverings. The richness of these covers frequently exceeds that of art and photography.

For the previous few years, we’ve seen type and art interact more (in our 2021 Book Cover Trends, we showed covers that overlap text with graphic components), but now we’re seeing a shift to more texture overall.

Innovative photography book covers

Book Cover Design Trends for 2022

Integrating photographs into book cover design might be difficult. Even if you start with a powerful picture, when you mix it with text, it may lose its effect. Designers, on the other hand, have lately begun experimenting with innovative methods to exhibit photos.

We’ll see designs in fiction that relate to the human yearning to escape reality. digital graphics by arté
The topic might be concealed or, in the instance of Melissa Broder’s The Pisces, totally produced using white space, defying design conventions. Designers have been pushing the edge in the domain of factual literature (where photographic covers are the norm): the red X on The Unwanted, and the way the dark backdrop on the Say Nothing cover serves to conjure the IRA’s black face masks.

Throughout 2022, keep a careful eye on photography on book covers—one it’s of the most exciting trends to watch.

Materials found on book covers

Whether they’re browsing the shelves of a local bookstore or scrolling through their favorite online superstore, cover designers are constantly seeking fresh ways to attract prospective readers into a book cover. Found materials are a book design trend that never fails to enchant. Consider it the progression of collage, in which a designer repurposes recognizable components from the world around us into a book cover.

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