“The journey is easy and straight with our bank.” We abide by all laws. “All you have to do if your money flows through our system is reach out and generate a profit,” states the ANZ logo. The emblem’s motifs and colours promote trust and collaboration.

ANZ: Brand overview

Founded:1 October 1970
Headquarters:Melbourne, Australia

The Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) is a worldwide financial and banking organisation. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited is its full name. It is Australia’s second-largest bank by assets, third in terms of market capitalization, and fourth in terms of population coverage. After the merger of two of the main market competitors, Union Bank of Australia Limited and Bank of Australasia, this organisation became an independent service in 1951. Its present headquarters are in Melbourne, where it serves both New Zealand and Australian clients.

What exactly is ANZ?

It is the abbreviation for Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, a significant financial organisation based in Melbourne. The ANZ’s history begins in 1835, when the Bank of Australasia was established. Simultaneously, the formal date of establishment was October 1, 1970, when numerous significant financial entities united.

The roots of ANZ may be traced back to the corporations that formed it. The Bank of Australasia was founded in 1835 and later amalgamated with another specialised organisation, Cornwall Bank, which was founded in Launceston (Van Diemen’s Land) in 1828. And the Union Bank of Australia was established by a group of people led by banker George Fife Angas. Then, numerous big mergers occurred, shaping the structure and logo of the current financial business.

1951 – 1970

1970 – 1988

1988 – 2001

2001 – 2009

2009 – today

Font and Colors

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