Bajaj is an Indian firm that specialises in the production of motorcycles as well as rickshaws. The company was established in 1972, and as of today, it is the second biggest brand in the area and one of the largest in the globe.

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Bajaj Auto slogan

  • Hamara Bajaj.
  • Distinctly Ahead.
  • Where there’s a wall there’s a way.
  • Get the power with India’s no. 1 sports bike

Meaning and history

The history of the Bajaj visual identity is more consistent than it is colourful. The firm has only gone through one significant rebranding, which took place in 2004, and ever since then, the logo has only received some minor changes to make it more contemporary.

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What is Bajaj?

It was at the beginning of the 1970s that Bajaj, an Indian maker of bicycles, had its start. Bajaj is the name of the company. The company began expanding internationally in the 1990s, and as of now, its motorcycles and scooters are sold in every region of the world and are adored by consumers for their relatively high level of quality and reasonable price points. The company was formerly quite well known in its home country.

The 1979 – 2004

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In the middle of the 1970s, a few years after the firm was originally established, a logo for Bajaj was created for the first time. On the left side of it was a nameplate, and on the right side was an insignia.

The wordmark was created using just lowercase letters that were set in a classic font that was both bold and thin. The hue of the nameplate, which was a dark grey that was nearly black, contributed to a feeling of solidity and strength.

The first version of the Bajaj logo was a sharply stylized letter “B” that was placed inside of a hexagon that was oriented vertically. The figure was horizontally split into two equal sections, the lower half of which was coloured blue and included a white portion of the letter “B,” while the upper half of the figure was coloured white and contained a blue portion of the letter “B.”

The Bajaj “B” seemed to be exceedingly geometric and symmetrical because to the fact that it echoed the shapes of the hexagon frame.

It was a clean and simple design, yet it conveyed a sense of authority and prestige for the company. The insignia was meant to convey a sense of power and progression, as well as the faithfulness and dependability of the business.

The original Bajaj logo had a sense of equilibrium and was visually appealing. The company has maintained a stunning and unforgettable visual identity design for virtually the whole of its existence.

2004 – Today

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The beginning of the new century prompted the corporation to make the decision that it was time for change. In 2004, a well-known design agency known as Elephant Design was responsible for the revamping of the Bajaj logo.

The old symbol is still positioned to the left of the new wordmark that makes up the new logo, which is comprised of a wordmark with it.

The text on the nameplate has been updated to utilise just capital letters and a new font designed to evoke a sense of the future. This typeface has rounded corners and diagonally cut edges. The typography is sleek and contemporary, and it reflects the ideals of the company, which are centred on quality and competence in design.

The old logo has been totally reworked to create the brand new emblem for Bajaj. The Bajaj sign has been given a new, more modern form, and the hexagonal frame that surrounded it has been removed from the emblem. The letter “B” in its stylized form is now made up of two forms resembling the letter “V,” which are laid out horizontally with their sides crossing each other.

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The Bajaj logo may be seen as a bird in flight or as a pair of arrows. Regardless of what the graphic depicts, it is undeniably a sign of going ahead, of development, and of the dynamic nature of the massive I down brand.

The colour scheme of the Bajaj logo has not changed; it still has the traditional colour combination of blue and white, which is meant to convey the qualities of reliability, trustworthiness, and authority that the firm possesses. The use of white in the wordmark and logo is a celebration of the reliability of the brand’s goods as well as their excellent quality.

When the situation calls for it, Bajaj will sometimes use a monochromatic colour scheme. When placed against a dark background, the company’s emblem takes on a more menacing and authoritative appearance.

It is a terrific design for a visual identity, which is modern, crisp, and exudes confidence in its execution. The company has adopted a fresh new logo that is not only easily recognised but also significant and well-balanced.

The Text Size and Color

The main Bajaj logo has futuristic capital writing that is placed in a crisp bespoke sans-serif font with fascinating and progressive shapes of the letters. This typeface was designed specifically for Bajaj. The font that is most similar to the one that is used in this insignia is most likely 946 Latin Wide, and Winner Sans Extended Extra Bold, with the contours of the glyphs modified and the letters placed close to each other, which affects the cuts of the horizontal bars. Other fonts that come close to matching this font include Winner Sans Extended Extra Bold and 946 Latin Wide.

Regarding the colour scheme of the Bajaj visual identity, it is predicated on a soothing and agreeable shade of blue. This colour choice conveys a sense of trustworthiness and dependability, demonstrates that the business is run in a professional manner, and stands for the company’s top two priorities, which are quality and safety.

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