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When compared to other brands, this firm’s devices are head and shoulders above the rest. Proud of its past successes and optimistic about its future, Bentley is also confident in the superior engineering that makes its vehicles seem to “fly” down the road.

Bentley Logo | THE LOGO TRENDS
Bentley Logo | THE LOGO TRENDS

Overview of the Bentley Brand

Established on January 18, 1919
Bentley, H. M., and Bentley, W. O.
Crewe, England is home base.


The Bentley Motors Limited produces and sells sport utility vehicles (SUVs), racing cars, and luxury vehicles under the Bentley brand. Two Bentley brothers, Walter Owen and Horace Millner, started the company in their hometown of Cricklewood, North London. This corporation has been around since January 1919, and since 1998, it has been owned by the German Volkswagen Group. Its main offices are in the town of Crewe (England).

Context and Origins

Bentley Logo | THE LOGO TRENDS
Bentley Logo | THE LOGO TRENDS

Bentley…what is it?

British automaker Bentley Motors Limited produces vehicles under the Bentley name. The firm that has owned it since 1919 is headquartered in Crewe, Cheshire, and is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, a German automaker.

Walter Owen Bentley wanted to build automobiles as they went from having two to four wheels. It all started in 1913, when he saw a mundane aluminium paperweight at the DFP plant. He concluded that this metal was superior than cast iron, the traditional material for pistons. The young man’s prediction that this would reduce the machines’ bulk and enable them to move more quickly was right. Yes, he really followed through. During World War I, the first versions were installed on aircraft engines to improve their mobility.


Soon after, in the summer of 1919, the businessman formally established Bentley Motors Ltd., and a few months later, he unveiled the chassis for a vehicle he had designed using cutting-edge technology. This paved the way for the now-iconic brand, whose strategy has triumphed at rallies time and time again. It is widely held that the iconic Bentley Speed Six and Bentley 412 Liter, the progenitors of the sprint brand, are the direct ancestors of today’s most illustrious racing automobiles.

Bentley was acquired by Rolls-Royce as part of a chain of mergers and transactions. When Britain’s biggest car plant was nationalised in 1971, it was split in two. Rolls-Royce Motors Limited (automobile) and Rolls-Royce Plc (aerospace) were both founded by the same man, Henry Royce. Afterward, Vickers, a multinational engineering corporation, acquired the second company. He then sold it to Volkswagen AG, which is the current owner.

Bentley Logo | THE LOGO TRENDS
Bentley Logo | THE LOGO TRENDS

Unfortunately, there was a hiccup with Bentley’s trademark. Although it sold Rolls-Royce Motors Limited and Rolls-Royce Plc, the aerospace firm kept the Rolls-Royce brand and emblem. For the manufacturer to utilise any part of its own visual identity, it had to pay for a licence. Bentley, however, was largely unaffected by this; in 2003, the Volkswagen Group acquired sole ownership of the company, and the trademarks were transferred to the Volkswagen Group.

Our emblem was created by Frederick Gordon Crosby. On the badge, he drew a B with wings. There is a white capital letter in the middle of a black oval. Unlike other logos, this one simply has only single line of text. The spaces between the letters seem like two circular dies or valve holes.

The oval is flanked on both sides by wings. These automobiles represent the founder’s desire to provide the best road-legal and street-legal off-road and racing vehicles possible. As an added symbol, the wings represent the brand’s and its goods’ ascendancy to new heights, well beyond the grasp of the competition. Because the corporation had its start in the aviation sector, feathers may also be included as a subtle nod to the company’s roots. Today, the brand associates a different meaning with the winged image, one that speaks to the extraordinary future prospects of the company. This trim is optional, although it does make Bentleys much faster.

The number of feathers on the right and left wings was counted by experts. It turns out that having different numbers is good luck for racing vehicles, which explains why theirs are different. However, in standard models, both sets of numbers are identical. There are often two variations on the amount of feathers, with 10:11 and 13:14 being the most common. As written, the ratio is 1:10 in the normal edition. A slim band runs along the top and bottom of the wings. The seven feathers at the base of the insignia are meant to evoke the appearance of a bird’s tail.

Emblem Typeface and Color Scheme

Bentley Logo | THE LOGO TRENDS
Bentley Logo | THE LOGO TRENDS

In this case, the caption functions independently of the symbol. The only textual sign it has is the letter “B.” The capital, based on the name Bentley, is distinctive because to its small sharp serifs around the outside of the letter. The left side of the screen displays them both above and below. Every other component is rounded.

Colors in the logo are limited to black and white. The first is an illustration, while the second provides context; nevertheless, their roles are reversed in the graphic’s focal point, where a white sign sits above a black oval. Vehicles with this option are reserved for promotional and office usage exclusively. Green or red might be used to fill the interstice between the wings. The former category includes race vehicles, while the latter includes high-end automobiles.

Identifying Bentleys by Their Colors

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

The Bentley emblem—what does it represent?

If “B” just represents “Bentley,” then the wings have much deeper meaning. They stand for the idealised notion of flight, with all its connotations of freedom, speed, power, and otherworldliness. The wings serve as a visual cue that this automobile has its roots in the airline industry.

I need to know the Bentley emblem.

The Bentley emblem is a capital letter “B” in white set inside an oval in black that depicts a bird with spread wings and a seven-feather tail. An oval of white inside a ring of black frames serves as the backdrop.

When you see the Bentley logo, what typeface do you see?

Bentley’s logo has a “B” made up of special glyphs. All of its serifs are rounded except for a pair of tiny spikes on the left. The spaces between the letters are oval.

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