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Sun Life is a company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They specialise in financial planning, investment administration, and retirement savings services in addition to life and property insurance operations. The corporation has locations in Canada, the United States, Bermuda, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Asia. Established in the middle of the 1860s, it is one of the oldest insurance firms in Canada.

Context and meaning

Matthew Hamilton Gaulthas founded The Sun Insurance Company of Montreal in 1865, although the company didn't really start doing business until 29 years later.


The firm has been in the industry of managing insurance services since its inception, and it is now now in the business of managing corporate assets. The firm endured the hardships of both World Wars, participated in the Great Flu Pandemic, and was involved in Operation Fish, a covert transfer of British money and assets to Canada.

As a result of their strategic growth, they have become Canada's biggest life insurance provider and a major participant on the global stage. Sun Life Bank first offered financial planning services in the 1960s. When the 1970s rolled around, the firm began doing business in both French and English. The company's headquarters relocated to Toronto from Quebec that year.

New locations were opened during the 1990s and 2000s in places including the United States, India, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia.

Sun Life Financial...what is it?

Life insurance, financial planning, retirement management, and asset administration are all areas of expertise for Sun Life Financial, a Canadian firm. The company is the biggest Canadian life insurer and has branches in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Businessman Matthew Hamilton Gaulthas, who was born in Ireland, founded the firm in 1865.

1874 – 1890


They started off with a logo that was more suited for use in magazine ads and on posters. A rider on four steeds was the main focus. The name of the product's manufacturer, "Sun Life," was displayed above him in bold, serif font. The words "assurance company" appear to the right of the firm's address.

1890 – 1907


In the next picture, a gothic font boldly proclaimed, "Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada." There was a sun above it, and it seemed like it was set against a sea backdrop.

1907 – 1915


The original design, introduced in 1907, had a circular emblem with the business name centred above it. The core design included a sunny sky with the words "incorporated 1865" written below the sun.

1915 – 1946


The 1915 circular emblem consists of a rim, a centre zone, and a central shield. They put the identifying information on the outside. The inside is decorated with horizontal stripes. The little oval shield, which has a horseman atop a mountain with the sun at his back, was then put above this design.

1946 – 1965


The Sun Life building in Quebec, Canada, and its adjacent yard were included in the first postwar logo. There was also their name above the picture.

1965 – 1974

The 1965 signature was a circular image divided in half vertically; the white half featured a large oak tree with numerous branches and leaves. A brown finish was used for the remaining portion, and the brand's name was highlighted in yellow. The circular outline is drawn to resemble the rays of the sun.

1974 – 1987

The first logotype used a sans-serif style to portray the business name in black. Upper 'Sun Life' is spelled out in capital letters, with the 'u' and 'n' characters united and the 'f' connected to the following 'e' with its little element. The words "of Canada," written in lowercase, may be seen underneath it.

1987 – 2000

The 'of Canada' designation was then crossed out, the 'Sun Life' name was given a more conventional typeface, and a sun was added to the letter's'.

2000 – 2019

Sun Life Financial was displayed next to the signer's name below. They displayed it underneath a sun logo that had a grid designed to convey the idea that the sun was in fact a revolving sphere. The name appears to the right of the sun in a completely horizontal variant of this logo.

2019 – today

The term "financial" is no longer included on the sign as of 2019.


The current logotype has a sleek and uncluttered sans-serif nameplate, with minimal spaces between each letter and the initials S and L capitalised. The brand's name font has been updated with each new logo throughout its existence.


A black name and a white-and-gold sun inspire today's sophisticated colour scheme of black, white, and marigold.


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