List of 100+ Popular Brands’ Top Animal Logos

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Over time, evolution has taught us that man is primarily an ape. Over the years, humans have acquired a variety of abilities. Animals have many great characteristics, and many people say that humanity lost some of these characteristics in the name of evolution.

Loyalty, reliability, strength, and endurance are just a few of the qualities that animals possess, and this has been exploited by businesses all around the globe when developing their company logos to display their vision and aims.

Top Animal Logos Of Popular Brands


This brand’s logo depicts a leaping puma, also known as a cougar. A puma is a strong, powerful, and energetic animal. As a result, this brand emblem represents the brand’s market position and also characterizes its products.


Metro or MGM? Since the beginning of time, mankind had heard about Goldwyn Mayer. Were we not all raised on Tom and Jerry? They distributed the classic Gone with the Wind and owned the rights to the film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, both of which were huge blockbusters in 1939. The logo of this American media firm portrays a roaring lion, which represents the grandeur and position they have maintained in their own field throughout the years.


This premium automotive manufacturing company’s emblem is a golden bull encircled by a shield. The bull represents power, beauty, prestige, strength, and speed, which is the idea that drives every car produced by this firm. Aside from the apparent connection, the logo is also customized since Lamborgini’s founder, a Taurus, enjoyed attending bullfights.


The Bacardi logo depicts a fruit bat, which was thought to be a symbol of good fortune by the wife of the founder of the world’s largest private spirit firm. The red and black color scheme of the logo represents the company’s strength, prestige, and persistence in shaping the brand into what it is today.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer from the United States, and his trademark emblem features a polo player on horseback. Horses have long been associated with monarchy, dignity, refinement, and grace. That is the designer’s idea for his opulent clothes collection. Horseback riding and polo games are upper-class activities, and it reflects the audience it seeks to please.


A leaping jaguar appears in the emblem of this worldwide luxury vehicle brand. The jaguar is associated with strength, speed, power, and foresight. Thus, the logo’s black and white color scheme, which represents elegance and class, also defines the quality of automobiles created by them.


The Swarovski crystals company logo features a swan, which represents grace, inventiveness, purity, and elegance. The swan emblem was not Swarovski’s initial trademark, yet we cannot think of a better logo to characterize the ornaments developed by Swarovski. The Swarovski logo features a white swan with crystal-like wings, which represents the firm and its goods.


Evernote is a data-recording and information-organization program. The goal of taking notes is to remember every small detail that people forget if they don’t write it down, and what better way to portray it than with an animal famed for its great memory? It is unsurprising that the silhouette of an elephant head is utilized as the company’s logo.


We’ve all seen the bunny logo for this men’s leisure and entertainment magazine. Bunnies have always been associated with sexuality. For centuries, women who play the damsel in distress have been sexualized by the American media. This magazine has employed this tiny and bashful creature to show their awareness of what their target audience seeks.

Red Bull 

“Red Bull gives you wings,” is one of today’s most well-known catchphrases. This Austrian energy drink brand has a sizable market share, and its logo, which depicts two bulls ready for a fight, is as well-known as its motto. Sitting in an arena witnessing a duel, the intensity of the animals is felt by the entire audience, which says volumes about this drink. The mix of red and yellow colors represents energy and enthusiasm, which buyers should expect.


The Twitter bird is the little bluebird on the white backdrop of the Twitter logo. Its inviting blue hue represents the trust and loyalty that the organization represents. The Twitter bird is soaring in the logo, indicating the innovative thoughts that this social networking site wants the audience to be familiar with. The bird’s head faces right, indicating that the firm is forward-thinking, while the open beak represents freedom of expression.

Penguin Books

Who hasn’t heard of the film Life of Pi? Every book lover has found immense solace in this publishing firm. It also offers audio and e-books. The penguin in the logo was chosen because the owner’s secretary believed it was “dignified but flippant.” Penguin books’ color codings represent the many kinds of books released by them.


This well-known food and beverage company’s logo depicts a net with a caring mother bird feeding her offspring. This artwork represents the company’s purpose of producing things that will nourish its customers. It demonstrates how the organization intends to treat its consumers. The nest in the logo is perched on an oak tree, symbolizing the company’s pride and the confidence it has earned from its consumers since the 1860s.


This British-owned vodka brand is symbolized by a majestic bird wearing a crown. Eagles are a sign of pride, monarchy, strength, and leadership, all of which speak to the brand’s present standing. The crown represents the exceptional quality of the spirit. The brand’s crimson and silver colors make it stand out.


Prior to 2018, the Burberry logo featured an equestrian knight. Historically, knights were famed for their bravery, energy, and status as members of royalty. As a result, this logo used to be a clear sign of the goods and vision of this British luxury firm. The forward-thinking knight on horseback demonstrated the company’s ambition to adapt to its clients’ changing fashion tastes and preferences with each passing day.


The form of a dove serves as the trademark for this cosmetic business. Their products are only for women, and this bird’s pure and maternal emblem represents the sustenance offered by their products. The logo represents the silky hair and skin that is assured after using their products.


This online site employs a butterfly logo that promotes freedom, as well as quality, as symbolized by the emblem’s dark hue.


A panda represents the World Wide Fund for Nature. The purpose of this organization is to safeguard endangered creatures, and the panda is one of them. This group was founded in 1961, the same year that a large panda was delivered to the London Zoo. As a result, the panda logo was appropriate, and the organization’s message was transmitted without the difficulty of a language barrier.


This French clothing firm features the most contested emblem of a crocodile, which overlapped with this Hong Kong apparel brand. The crocodile denotes both freedom and strength while yet being kind. This says a lot about the brand and its goods.


His Master’s Voice is a UK-based film and music reseller. Several well-known musicians have adopted their iconic emblem of a dog listening to a cylinder phonograph. Because the painter of this logo heard recordings of his brother’s voice and his dog after his unexpected passing, the dog is a mixed Terrier and denotes loyalty. The dog would sit near the phonograph and listen whenever he played the records. That’s how the logo was born.

The Famous Grouse

This blended Scotch-whiskey generating brand is marked by a Red Grouse, Scotland’s national game bird, indicating the brand’s provenance. This brand’s sales in the UK peak around Christmas.


This well-known American cigarette brand is symbolized by a camel. In the most difficult of circumstances, a camel struggles for survival. The brand’s purpose is to symbolize this survival drive by looking to the future. The place where this product was invented became so well-known that it is now known as “Camel City.”


A lion represents this French car manufacturing firm. Power, speed, respect, and strength are the first things that spring to mind when we think of the king of the jungle. As a result, this logo not only represents the type of products manufactured by this firm but also its position in the competitive market.

Alfa Romeo

This luxury automotive manufacturer was founded in Milan, Italy. The left side of its logo depicts a red cross, which represents medieval Christianity, while the right side depicts a snake eating a red man alive while wearing a crown. This emblem essentially depicts the history of the city that inspired it. This serpent/dragon is a symbol of power and majesty. This brand dominates the market in its own industry and has been around since 1910, thus its vehicles are a status symbol.


The Mozilla Foundation created this free web browser in 2003. Their logo is a fox coiled around a blue circle that resembles a globe. A fox represents intellect, the quest for information, and chance. As a result, the logo effectively depicts the platform’s goal.


The logo of this Indian-based adhesive business depicts the Magdeburg hemisphere being pushed by two elephants. This signifies that the adhesive is so powerful that even elephants cannot separate two objects when it is applied to them.


The emblem of this Italian sports vehicle company was a prancing horse. This horse was painted on the fuselage of an Italian fighter jet as a good luck symbol and in memory of this dead pilot. As a result, the horse in the emblem is black. As an Italian company, the colors of the flag are represented as stripes on top of the emblem. This logo’s basic color is yellow, which reflects the city of Modena, where the creator was born.

Royal Stag

This Indian whiskey brand, which is now accessible in many places throughout the world, features a deer with a crown on its head as its emblem. The golden tint of the logo indicates the brand’s majesty and wealth. The deer, on the other hand, represents the intuition that led to the creation and development of this brand.


This Dutch multinational bank is on the list of the world’s most systematically important banks. Its emblem depicts an orange lion, the hue of which signifies their Dutch heritage. The lion, on the other hand, signifies the financial organization’s might.


The TVS Motor Company’s emblem depicts a running horse. This firm is the third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer and is well recognized for its speed, power, and sensation of freedom, all of which are synonymous with the symbolization of horses.


This Australian airline is a flag carrier, and its emblem features a kangaroo, Australia’s national animal. As a result, the kangaroo emblem represented the airline’s origins. The logo’s bold red hue represents dedication and strength.


In 1991, this free and open-source software operating system was published. This brand’s penguin logo was created as an entry for a Linux logo contest. Tux is the name of this penguin, and it is portrayed differently by each Linux distribution. Tux is the most recognizable aspect of Linux.


Because its headquarters were in the capital of Württemberg, this German vehicle manufacturing business produced a logo that was closely associated with the traditions of Württemberg-Baden. This logo was inspired by the coat of arms of the Free People’s State of Württemberg. This is why the logo is in the shape of a crest. The horse in this emblem emphasizes the brand’s speed and majesty.

Abercrombie & Fitch

This American lifestyle business created goods using high-quality materials to provide clients with a near-luxury experience. However, it began as a firm that manufactured things for hunting and camping, thus the emblem of this brand is a moose, a wild animal that made an ideal symbol for the company.


This Housten-based web hosting service business is symbolized by an alligator, and the major reason for using this animal emblem is since the brand’s name includes the word “gator.” This company was created in 2002 and has utilized an alligator as its logo ever since.


This publicly-traded Canadian lifestyle goods brand’s logo is a beaver, which is an iconic animal in Canada and signifies its roots. Despite the fact that the firm was created in 1973, this beaver emblem only appeared in 1985, with the debut of its sports brand.


The world-famous panther emblem represents the oldest surviving British sports equipment manufacturing firm. A panther implies the strength, grace, and leadership, all of which are synonymous with the brand’s purpose and standing. Because their major concentration is on sporting goods, the leaping panther in their emblem looks appropriate.


Because this Belgian fashion label was named after the author of The Jungle Book, the monkey as the brand logo seems appropriate. The monkey symbolizes joy, a lively disposition, and adventure. These were the brand’s primary principles that helped them establish itself as a global handbag brand.

Hermes Paris

This high fashion luxury goods manufacturing company’s emblem depicts a Duc carriage drawn by a horse. The horse is both a symbol of authority and a mode of luxurious conveyance. The man in front of the horse symbolizes a balance of knowledge and power. This balance has helped this company thrive, and it is still one of its primary motos.

Levi Strauss & Co.

This was the very first firm to produce blue jeans. The emblem depicts two horses being compelled to tug a pair of jeans on either side, yet there is no indication that it is being ripped apart. We all know that a horse indicates the strength, thus this demonstrates that these jeans are so skillfully crafted that even two animals who represent strength cannot break them apart. This logo has been a part of Levi’s brand since 1886.

Ford Mustang

This series of American automobiles created by Ford has the longest production run of any Ford car marque and is still the sixth best-seller in 2020. The emblem depicts a galloping horse, a testament to the company’s speed and even the dominance it has held in the market since 1965.

As a result, we can see that animal logos have helped businesses convey many aspects of their business that could not be explained better. The artwork has aided not just in achieving the company’s aims by making them more recognizable to the human eye, but they have also utilized it as a vehicle for conveying tales about their owners and will continue to do so in the future.

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