American Car Brands

In terms of total vehicle output, the United States is second only to China. Since the 1890s, the United States has been home to a variety of major and small automakers, some of which have since gone out of business or been acquired by larger conglomerates. Therefore, the so-called “big three,” which owns several automobile manufacturers, cornered the market. Sales leaders for the year are headquartered in Detroit and include Ford Motor Company, Stellantis North America, and General Motors. Their financial stability allowed them to be among the few businesses to survive the Great Depression.

Definition of American Automobile Manufacturers

American automakers Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler are known as “The Big Three,” because they hold a disproportionate amount of power in the industry. The three major ones are Fiat Chrysler USA, Ford, and GM. They have a wide variety of American automobile makes at their garage.


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In the United States, automobile producers have shifted the market’s social standing in a variety of ways. Ford’s first goal was to make automobiles affordable to the masses, in contrast to GM’s initial emphasis on high-end vehicles. This marked the beginning of the automobile industry’s mass market. Both the “big three” and smaller manufacturers dominate the budget auto market.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Ford Motor Company is a major producer of automobiles in the United States, thus the Ford brand. In 1903, when Henry Ford remodelled the facility and incorporated the Ford Motor Company, the groundwork was set. It’s the kind of company that is passed down from generation to generation. The corporation has a diverse lineup of automobiles and a presence in international markets.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

General Motors’ Chevrolet business caters to the needs of the company’s broad consumer base. In 1911, Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant established the Chevrolet Motor Car Company as its forerunner. Louis, one of the company’s co-founders, quit when he and the other two couldn’t settle a design issue by mutual agreement. And the company that bears his name is thriving and setting new sales records every year.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Jeeps are manufactured by the Italian-American corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., which is headquartered in the Netherlands. Stellantis North America, one of the “big three,” is the primary owner of the brand. In 1940, a working prototype of the Jeep was shown. The Bantam BRC was designed by engineer Karl Probst and used by the United States Army.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

There is a wide selection of vans, trucks, pickup trucks, and SUVs available under the GMC brand. General Motors, one of the three dominant players in the American car industry, produces them. Max Grabowsky originally founded GMC as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

David Dunbar Buick, who also sold airships, started the Buick Motor Automobile Company in 1902 and produced his first car in 1901. The firm became a subsidiary of GM in 1908 after merging with the parent company. It primarily markets automobiles aimed at the middle class that are both affordable and reliable.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Dodge automobiles were first produced in 1900, and 14 years later, Dodge became a division of Chrysler. Stellantis North America currently owns a stake in the company as Fiat-Chrysler LLC. The Dodge factory produced automobile parts until 1914. It has now become a well-known manufacturer of automobiles, minivans, and SUVs.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

RAM, a brand of pickup trucks manufactured by FCA (now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), first introduced in 1981. Vehicles from the first generation were modified versions of Dodge pickups. In 1994, the second generation was released. This type carried more weight than its predecessors. Each succeeding generation had a new set of improvements and a unique configuration.

Manufacturers of High-End Automobiles

Competition in the luxury automobile sector is fierce amongst the “big three” of the American auto industry. Chrysler is Stellaris North America’s entry in this market, whereas Lincoln and Cadillac are Ford and GM’s respective offerings. There is a general public perception that their cars represent a certain level of social standing.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Cadillac automobile brand has been around for quite some time. This business has been around since 1902, and it was the first American enterprise to mass produce sophisticated machinery. It has been a subsidiary of GM since 1909. Luxury Cadillac automobiles are popular in North America and may be bought in over 50 countries around the globe.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Ford Motor Company, of which Lincoln is a sizable subset, began as a standalone manufacturer of aviation engines in 1922. Engineer Henry Leland, who founded the company, had grand plans to produce high-end automobiles but was forced to sell because of financial difficulties. His favourite politician inspired the Lincoln brand name.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

In the United States and internationally, people recognise Chrysler for producing high-performance automobiles. Stellantis North America is the current registrant of this 1925 trademark. The brand’s success may be attributed to its innovative features and the way it segments vehicles by price range. The company has just begun targeting the high-end market.

Motor Corporation Fusion

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Established in 2012, this US firm calls Los Angeles, California, home. The dealership caters to affluent customers by stocking a wide variety of high-end autos. The business works with A-listers and everyone else who wants to sample a large and, more importantly, diverse selection of luxury vehicles, and its name, “Fusion,” underlines that its specialty is a combination of old and modern, foreign and local.

Makes of Electric Vehicles

The United States may be home to just a handful of automakers, but that hasn’t stopped electric vehicles from penetrating the market and making waves everywhere from large SUVs to little hot hatches. They are not only technologically advanced, but also very fashionable.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

When it comes to electric cars, Tesla is by far the most well-known brand in the world. Physicist and innovator Nikola Tesla’s name appears on it. In 2003, two businesspeople registered the Tesla Motors trademark. Current owner Elon Reeve Musk put up the majority of the money. In 2006, the first Roadster was introduced to the public.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Luxury electric vehicle manufacture is the forte of Karma Automotive, a private corporation. In 2015, it was founded on the remains of the defunct Fisker Automotive. The Revero, Karma’s first vehicle, was released to the public in 2016.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Established in 2007, Lucid Motors has yet to produce a working vehicle as of 2021. She is unable to have a significant impact on the market because of her lack of financial resources. The Lucid factory, with a price tag of around $ 700 million, is now in the building stages. When it’s finished, the first generation of the Air luxury car will be released by the company. It is anticipated that this electric vehicle will become Tesla’s primary rival.

The Faraday Group’s Vision for the Future

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The first rule of electromagnetic, “Faraday’s Law,” inspired the company name of Faraday Future. Jia Yueting, the company’s founder, had ambitious aspirations to manufacture electric automobiles but lacked the capital to do so. Executives from the firm declared their intention to join Property Solutions Acquisition Corp. in January of 2021.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Manufacturing electric bikes and traction motors is nothing new for the Brammo Corporation. Polaris Industries purchased the bicycle operations in 2015, and Cummins bought out the remaining business in 2017. Cars, such as the Enertia GT battery-electric automobile, have been a part of Brammo’s history.

Makes of Trucks (Heavy and Medium-duty)

Despite the paucity of domestic producers, an entire subculture has developed around long-distance trucks in the United States. Manufacturers of illustrious heavy machinery include names like Marmon-Herrington, Sterling, Brockway, Autocar, Mack, Western Star, Caterpillar, Freightliner, and Kenworth.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Freightliner produced their first vehicle in 1942. Consolidated Freightways, a freight transportation and logistics firm, owned the first row of trucks. The company was eventually forced to sell its vehicle brand, although it is now a part of the Daimler AG family of companies.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Peterbilt’s St. Teresa (Canada), Denton (Texas), and Madison (Wisconsin) plants produce semitrailer tractors and ballast trucks, respectively (USA). The business is owned by Paccar Corporation.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Established in 1912 under the name Gerlinger Motor Automotive Works, Kenworth is a truck and car dealership. In 1915, manufacture began on this item. Edgar K. Worthington and Captain Frederick Kent later acquired the company. After purchasing the business, the new owners renamed it to reflect their names, using just the first few letters.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

International Harvester, a manufacturer of automobiles, tractors, and trucks, formerly held the International name. The loss of the company’s agriculture sector led to its rebranding as truck-centric Navistar International.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Due to its founding in 1900 by Fallesen & Berry, Mack is often cited as one of the United States’ earliest. After rebranding, production at this factory shifted from vans and carriages to buses and trolleybuses. Mack has grown to become a household name in the world of heavy trucks.

Star of the West

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Western Star was formerly a sub-brand of White Motors. It was first conceived of in 1967 and then passed from hand to hand until it finally settled at DaimlerChrysler in the year 2000. Portland, Oregon is currently home to Western Star’s headquarters.

Brands of Sports Cars

American-made sports vehicles have a global reputation for excellence. Particularly well-liked are the brand’s Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette variants, both of which have shown themselves to be reliable and successful in the marketplace. Sports vehicles are in high demand because of their high levels of technological sophistication, luxurious interiors, and blistering acceleration.

Car Model: Ford Mustang

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Ford Mustang has been manufactured by Ford since 1964. The original version was based on the Ford Falcon with several tweaks. Modernist in appearance, the vehicle was a roadster. In 2015, a new generation debuted. The latest vehicle has enhanced dynamic features, and it is classified as a Pony Car.

General Motors’ Corvette

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Chevrolet Corvette was the first American-made sports vehicle. GM’s major vehicle assembly factory is in Bowling Green. Initially released in 1953 as a white roadster, the Chevrolet Corvette quickly became a popular choice for American car enthusiasts.

It’s a Dodge Viper.

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

From 1992 all the way up to 2017, Dodge made its Viper sports vehicles with only two seats. The New Mack Assembly facility is where the first roadster was manufactured. He credits the Mitsubishi 3000GT and Chrysler designer Tom Gale for inspiring his work.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Established in 2012 as VL Automotive, VLF Automotive is a privately owned, small business. The Destino four-door sedan was released a year later. The firm changed its name in 2016 with the hiring of Henrik Fisker.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Vector Motors Corporation, which has a long history with Vehicle Design Force, produces Vector automobiles. Gerald Wiegert is the company’s founder. In 1989, the public was introduced to the company’s first sports vehicle.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Panoz brand is known for its technologically advanced automobiles. Both the race and road versions of the Esperante are available here, although they are both limited edition sports vehicles. Established in 1989 and named after its founder, the son of pharmacist Dan Panoz, Panoz Auto Development is a family business.

Famous Automakers

American supercars are among the most powerful and luxurious in the world. Famous, long-standing corporations make some, but newer, lesser-known ones also contribute. Hennessey and SSC are examples of the former, whereas Rezvani and Trion are examples of the latter.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Since its founding in 1991, Hennessey Performance Engineering has specialised in creating customised performance vehicles for the sports car market. The primary focus of the tuning shop is to boost engine output by modifying various mechanical parts of the vehicles they work on. The Venom 650R, Venom GT, and Venom F5 are the three most well-known versions.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Shelby Super Cars may be shortened to SSC. The company markets itself as the maker of the world’s quickest mass-produced vehicles. The SSC Tuatara and SSC Ultimate Aero are also high-performance options.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

A former racing car driver started the Saleen Corporation in 1983. She got her start in the industry by fine-tuning automobiles, and then shifted to the boutique manufacturing of high-performance sports cars in the 00s. Saleen has recently begun customising vehicles from Toyota and GM’s prominent brands.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Rossion Automotive, located in Florida, is renowned for producing the Q1 sports vehicle. Its production spans from 2008 to 2018. The company has gained the rights to produce the Noble M400 since 2007, and this is the outcome of an improvement to that model. The Rossion Q1R, the racing variant of the Q1, debuted in 2013. Due to the very low production numbers, this automobile is considered to be among the rarest in the world.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Trion Supercars Group displayed a full-scale concept model in four different configurations when it was launched in 2012. The company intended to release its first vehicle in 2021.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Rezvani Motors, a maker of sports cars, has been around since 2014. Its flagship product is the sports vehicle brand Beast, which is based on the Ariel Atom. Automobile components such as mirrors and headlights are now 3D printed.

Producer and Bus Company

Other important manufacturers in the United States exist alongside the Big Three (Ford Motor Company, Stellantis North America, and General Motors) in the automobile industry. As an example, Paccar Corporation and Navistar are both trucking conglomerates whose subsidiaries produce and sell heavy equipment.

Automaker GM

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

One of the “big three” American automakers, GM is a major player in the industry. In 1908, many smaller corporations chose to join to establish the biggest company. After declaring bankruptcy in the first years of the 21st century, the company was restored, but the old GM was renamed the Motors Liquidation Company.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Paccar is a symbol of the automotive sector, namely the manufacturing of large trucks. DAF Trucks, Peterbilt, and Kenworth are just a few of the companies it owns.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

International Harvester, the first truck maker, debuted in 1902. Its replacement, Navistar, debuted in 2002. The present manufacturer also makes armoured vehicles, buses (including school buses), and Ford V8 engines, in addition to trucks. It is headquartered out of Warrenfield, Illinois.

IC Bus

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Navistar owns IC Bus as an affiliate company. Although it didn’t on the market until 2002, it followed in the footsteps of AmTran and Ward Body Works, both of which had been around for quite some time before to that. School and corporate transportation are the company’s bread and butter.

Formerly Popular Automakers That Have Since Gone Out Of Business


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Mercury is a truck and automobile brand produced by Ford Motor Company. In 1938, the company started making vehicles under its own name. However, as time went on, Ford models became the foundation for its automobiles, ultimately eliminating Mercury’s uniqueness and autonomy. Its latter years were spent working closely with the Lincoln brand. They were all a part of the same Lincoln-Mercury family of companies. This pattern persisted until 2011 when production of this premium brand’s vehicles ceased altogether. The double circle with three curved lines within it, the emblem for Mercury, was white and grey, and its history ended at that that time. The stripes, like those used by many other manufacturers, were a sign of velocity and motion.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Pontiac automobile brand takes its name from an eponymous city in early American history. She was given the name of a famous Indian warrior who fought against the British. Sure, she started off as a horse carriage factory called Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works. Passenger cars were added and the line’s name was altered afterwards. In 1907, the first automobile was produced. The first automobile to use the Oakland nameplate was manufactured in 1926, and since then the business has continued to create many models under that name. In common use, this is the year when “Pontiac” was established.

The firm had a wide range of models, however it failed financially. Her dealer agreements had ended by 2010. The brand’s logo, however, is always visible, since it is very identical to the US Space Force’s insignia. The design originates from a three-dimensional delta symbol in red and silver with a four-pointed star. The designers in the space community must have flipped this sign upside down.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Saturn brand was one of several held by General Motors. This sub-brand operated independently from the main firm, with its own sales force and assembly plant. His own unique philosophy, adopted in 1985, also served as a guiding light. The goal of the massive undertaking was to create little machines. Although GM saw a need for them, current sales volumes were insufficient. Executives from General Motors considered selling the Saturn to the Penske company because to customer complaints. The sale fell through, and the company was officially declared bankrupt shortly afterwards. Cars with a red and silver square logo of Saturn’s rings are expected to return to the market in the distant future, and experts do not rule out the possibility of a full recovery.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Hummer was based off of the HMMWV military vehicle. Because of its popularity among fans of dependable, high-carrying SUVs, the designers made it available to the general public as well as members of the US Army. Following a drop in sales, GM discontinued the Hummer brand, for which it had previously produced vehicles. Since she was unable to attract buyers, GM eventually had to liquidate the renowned division in 2010. Only a wordmark, as massive in appearance as the vehicles themselves, survives in the Hummer brand’s collective memory. The inscription is written in black characters that are thicker at the base than at the top.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

An vehicle manufacturer for 107 years, Oldsmobile has a rich heritage. As a company, Olds Motor Works first debuted in 1897, when it was established by inventor Ransom Eli Olds. The proprietor ran out of money and closed the shop quickly. General Motors saw potential in Oldsmobile, so it acquired the company and has since expanded the brand. To achieve his goal of technological superiority, the company was constantly refining and perfecting key components including V8 engines and automated gearboxes. However, the company’s success was fleeting; GM officials declared the brand’s closure in the year 2000, and the right to the company’s advancements was lost in the 1990s. In 2004, Oldsmobile discontinued its final sedan model. It was signed by all the attendees and had a silver oval logo with a black diagonal line across it.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Plymouth, a producer of automobiles, was founded in 1928. The Mayflower, on which the British landed to establish the Plymouth Colony in what is now the United States, was the symbol of the company for a long time, during which it was a division of Chrysler. Up to the year 2001, the label was widely available. During this time period, it manufactured more automobiles than Ford and even outsold the latter. The firm grew with some success but was struggling by the early 1990s. The segment was judged unprofitable since manufacturing volume had dropped significantly. In 2001, it was liquidated by Chrysler Corporation.

Automakers in the USA

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Disappearing American Motors fills a need in the auto industry with its compact, medium, and full-size offerings. With the intention of competing with the “big three” of the American auto industry, it was established following the failure of four smaller firms (Packard, Studebaker, Hudson, and Nash). Around 1985. When American Motors fell into financial trouble in 1987, Chrysler took over the whole company. Despite the brand’s early success, it was ultimately amalgamated with Jeep and renamed the Jeep Eagle Corporation. The old moniker and emblem, which featured a red triangle leaning against a blue rectangle, have been retired.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

From its original creator Thomas B. Jeffery in 1900 through the current owner American Motors Corporation, the Rambler nameplate has changed hands multiple times. The automaker’s nameplate faded from American showrooms on and off until 1969, when it was eventually discontinued. Even when it became apparent that the enterprise was not turning a profit, she kept supplying its goods overseas until 1983. Mexico was the final country to utilise the rounded Rambler emblem with the handwritten “R.”


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Seven years after its inception in 1975, the DeLorean firm went out of business when its founder was arrested on drug trafficking charges. Only one sports vehicle from the company was released during this period, but it became a cultural phenomenon because to the film Back to the Future, in which a genius scientist modified a DeLorean to function as a time machine.

The disagreement between John Zachary DeLorean, the company’s founder, and General Motors Company led to the bankruptcy of the DeLorean brand. As you may know, John was formerly employed at GMC and, after being fired, wrote a book that shed light on the company’s many scandals from the inside. Consequently, a false drug trafficking case was brought against him, and he was subsequently abandoned by his financial backers. Although the businessman was exonerated, by that point he had exhausted his resources. DeLorean is a trademark owned by a separate corporation at now. The logo hasn’t changed from the beginning; it has the initials DMC in black, with the characters reversed and stylised.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The founders of the Studebaker Corporation hailed from the German Stutenbäcker family, thus the company name. The two men worked as blacksmiths and in 1852 established a business to build carts, vans, and carriages. The electric carriages that their firm produced in the early 20th century propelled them into automotive lore. It weathered the financial storm, but it was unable to compete with the car industry heavyweights once they started cutting prices following WWII. There were rumblings that Studebaker would shut down in the 1960s. People were discouraged from purchasing since they didn’t want to void the guarantee on their new car. The lack of interest ultimately led to the company’s dissolution in 1967. The company’s previous logo included a red and blue circle separated by a silver wavy band.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

In 1908, the Overland Automotive Division branched off to become the Willys-Overland automotive firm, which lasted until 1953 when it was absorbed by Kaiser Motors. In the 45 years she has been in business, she has visited a luxury automobile maker, become a leader in the defence sector, and focused on making trucks and ATVs. They produced vehicles under the Jeep, Overland, and Willys names. Willys-primary Overland’s logo was a monochromatic “W” above a “O” in black and white.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

When Walter Percy Chrysler first came up with the DeSoto name in 1928, it was his idea and the Chrysler Corporation held it for a while. Automobile sales were brisk at initially, but they began to drop down dramatically by the late 1950s. The company’s inability to change with the times ultimately led to its demise. The DeSoto brand went out of business in 1961, and its cars served as inspiration for the Chrysler Newport. Recently, the company’s logo has included an image of Hernando de Soto, the Spanish explorer who mapped most of the continental United States. Inside a red circle was a silver painting of the Spanish explorer.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Edsel brand was purchased by Ford Motor Company to compete with the likes of Pontiac and Dodge. Originally, this endeavour was supposed to be its own separate business unit, complete with its own set of facilities and distribution channels. After a massive advertising effort, however, consumers discovered that the quite ordinary Edsel automobiles they had been led to believe were revolutionary innovations fell well short of their lofty expectations. Rapidly declining sales ultimately led to the withdrawal of the brand from the market in 1961.

Edsel Ford was chosen as the inspiration for the name of the brand by marketers. Henry Ford II, it was subsequently learned, had a firm aversion to having his father’s name on wheels. The design, which has a white capital letter “E” within a green circle with concentric rings, was developed after the name was accepted against his objections.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Legend has it that the Packard nameplate originated in California. One theory has it that the inventor built his first automobile as a way to demonstrate his technical skills in order to gain a job in Winton. Other accounts have him criticising the automobile Winton and receiving a response along the lines of “do it better if you can,” but in either case, the Packard brand was introduced in 1899 and eventually surpassed Winton by several decades. He had gambled on the high-end market but had to shift to more reasonably priced goods as the recession deepened. It was shut down after a series of missteps, including a contentious acquisition of Studebaker and the release of a number of models that ultimately sold poorly. It formally shut down in 1962, although operations ended in 1958. The only remaining symbol of the once-opulent past is a small oval emblem in the Victorian style, representing a red shield and a golden swan.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

In 1909, Hudson Motor Car Company began selling automobiles. It takes its name from the department store magnate who was the company’s primary backer. Third position in 1925 after Chevrolet and Ford was achieved by the carmaker thanks to technological advancements. In the years after World War II, once-thriving industries gradually declined as upstarts like Hudson struggled to compete with the established “big three.” Due to the situation, Nash-Kelvinator acquired the company in 1954, therefore ending the existence of the brand. An inverted tetrahedron, two ships, and the word “HUDSON” on a crimson shield used to be the company’s mark.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

In its less than 10 years in business, the Kaiser Corporation has launched a number of critically acclaimed products with original styling. When she amalgamated with Willys-Overland in 1953, she vanished. This is because consumers have shown little interest in any automaker other than the “Big Three” (Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors), causing the firm to build more vehicles than it has sold in previous years. Kaiser’s iconic black-and-white emblem with a buffalo and the initial “K” will go down in the annals of the American car industry.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

In the years after World War II, Tucker was established to meet the demand for the Tucker-48 throughout the United States. The new venture of American engineer Preston Thomas Tucker sounded promising, and he was even granted a government loan, because of his prior work in the automobile business. The businessman took out a loan in order to purchase the biggest facility in the world and restart manufacturing of vehicles. Tucker was sued for financial fraud by GM, Ford, and Chrysler once they became aware of a formidable new rival entering the market. The owner of the trademark was already broke when he was found not guilty. In 1951, the automaker went out of business. The name “Tucker” was emblazoned on a ribbon centred in an oval coat of arms depicting heraldic animals.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

From 1911 until 1924, the Stutz Motor Car Company built race-ready sports automobiles. Her sports vehicles are so fast that one of them broke the record for fastest automobile in the world. The line expanded to include high-end automobiles, all of which had a circular emblem depicting blue wings and the stylised word “STUTZ.” It was crimson on the inside and had a white stripe with the words “Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.” on it. The firm went bankrupt and was dissolved in 1939.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Although Pierce-Arrow was already in existence by 1901, they had previously specialised in producing golden bird cages. Later on, bicycles were part of the offering. Pierce-Arrows, the epitome of opulence in automobiles, were status symbols for the wealthy. Every royal fleet needs at least one of these vehicles. Rich people and famous actors/actresses may say the same. The resulting worldwide recognition of the circular emblem depicting the ancient archer with his arrow led to the brand’s fame. The firm did not sell inexpensive automobiles, and even the more costly models moved at a snail’s pace. Consequently, the Pierce-Arrow saga came to an end in 1938, despite efforts to resurrect the brand in the 2000s by die-hard fans.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Luxury Duesenberg automobiles have become status symbols, and Duesenberg sports vehicles have been victorious in several competitions. However, this was not enough to prevent the company’s closure in 1937, after 24 years in business. Collectors are actively on the prowl for Duesenbergs, with an estimated two hundred and fifty still on the road. The emblem with the golden eagle, the words “DUESENBERG STRAIGHT,” and the blue number “8” is still widely recognised as a symbol of affluence and elegance today.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

In production since 2008, Fisker Automotive’s hybrid electric cars have quickly gained notoriety. Utilizing innovative solutions, it beat Tesla Motors in court on allegations of technology theft. The Fisker Karma sports luxury vehicle is the most recognisable model from this manufacturer. Due to a battery source going out of business, manufacturing ceased. Furthermore, Fisker Automotive filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Henrik Fisker maintained ownership of all trademarks, including the red and blue semicircle emblem with the black FISKER inscription within a white ring. His new firm, Fisker Inc., shares the name and logo with the original.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Warren Mosler, an entrepreneur, politician, and economist, started his vehicle assembly business in 1985. He founded Consulier Industries to produce high-end sports cars for competition. Mosler Automotive is a sub-division that was founded in 1993. It showcased a variety of ultralight, ultraluxurious, and ultrafast sports versions. These automobiles took first place in many renowned events. Mosler, however, shut down in 2013 owing to marketing blunders. A black capital “M” with a lightning bolt design suggests the lightning quick acceleration of sports automobiles. It was contained inside a narrow-based yellow shield that had the name “MOSLER.”


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

In 1987, the Sterling automotive brand made its debut in North America, and the company’s iconic oval emblem with an extended silver “S” quickly became a visual icon. It offered for sale four-door sedans and five-door hatchbacks derived from the Rover 800 series. Austin Rover Cars of North America was the manufacturer. At first, it seemed to appeal to buyers as all of the units came standard with wood veneers. However, problems soon manifested themselves, such as rust, shoddy painting, and broken electronics. These and other issues led to the company’s withdrawal from the United States auto market in 1991.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

An ancient emblem of the Eagle, the black-and-white logo with the heraldic shield and raven’s head has been all but forgotten. When it ceased making premium and sports vehicles in 1999, the company effectively disappeared. And he started out in the industry in 1988, when Chrysler’s Jeep-Eagle Division was modelled after AMC.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

To meet the growing demand for small and economical automobiles, GM launched the Geo brand in 1989. The company achieved success by offering competitive pricing and well-made components. Having both the Suzuki and Toyota companies involved in its creation boded well for the future of the brand. However, in 1997, General Motors abandoned the brand due to disappointing sales, giving all rights to Chevrolet. Vehicles have gone under a variety of brand names since then. The red ‘Geo’ logo with the parallels and meridians within the ‘o’ has been removed.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Since its inception in 2012, Merkur has been one of the most fleeting names in the history of the American automobile industry. Because of rising interest in European-style automobiles in the early 1980s North American vehicle market, this manufacturer was founded to meet that demand. Even more so, Merkur was an initiative by Ford Motor Company aimed towards the high-end market. Since the manufacturing took place in West Germany, the fluctuating currency rate had a significant impact on the cost of the vehicles. Ford management decided to stop making Merkur vehicles in 1989 because they saw too little demand for them. The black and white emblem, which resembled a radiator grille and had the words “MERKUR,” was so shockingly different that customers hardly had time to adjust.

Global Cultivator

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

International Harvester is a household name all over the globe because to its lineup of buses, tractors, trucks, SUVs, pickup vehicles, and tractors. This firm did not spring into existence out of thin air; rather, it was formed in 1902 as the result of the amalgamation of two agricultural equipment manufacturing companies. The McCormick Harvesting Machine Company rebranded as International Harvester after acquiring a rival. The emblematic moniker was that chosen. The letters “IH” in red and black formed a monogram at the top, while the words “International Harvester” were printed large at the bottom. The strike ultimately led to the company’s demise, and it was eventually acquired by Tenneco, Inc. It was shut down in 1985 by the new owner.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Henry Ford praised the Hupmobile when it was introduced to the market in 1909 by the Hupp Motor Car Company. The factory had to be enlarged because of the increased demand for this brand’s roadsters. The company’s leaders then made the decision to transform the cheap subcompact Hupmobile into a luxurious SUV. In their pursuit of profit, they alienated their core audience. Internal issues at Hupp Motor Car Company arose as a result of disputes amongst shareholders. Because of the shutdown of the company’s plants, production stalled and customers started cancelling orders. In 1939, production of the last Hupmobile ended, marking the end of the era for the black handwritten insignia.

A.E.C. Detroit

Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Detroit Electric vehicles had electric motors that were charged by an onboard battery pack. Most of their drivers were physicians and women since conventional automobiles with internal combustion engines presented unique challenges for them. The price of gasoline started to rise in the 1910s, ushering in Detroit Electric’s heyday. Not even America’s greatest innovator, Thomas Edison, or the great benefactor, John Davison Rockefeller Jr. Nevertheless, ICE vehicle makers have re-entered the market with cutting-edge models, displacing EVs. Since the company’s bankruptcy, it has been producing automobiles exclusively on demand. She adopted a logo with stylised blue ‘DETROIT’ writing inside a spherical blue gradient. The brand’s whole name created an arch within the ring.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The company that would later become known as Auburn Automobile started off manufacturing carriages for horses. However, as time went on, the vehicle company branched out to create its own experimental cars under the new brand name. In 1937, the holding it was a part of went bankrupt, marking the end of its existence as a legal entity. The company’s fortunes plummeted because it placed too much emphasis on high-end vehicles, which proved to be a poor investment. The Auburn brand mark, a gold plate etched with the company name, was every bit as opulent.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Instead of being named after a politician, the Franklin automobile company was founded in 1902 by Herbert H. Franklin. A lot of the coolest cars ever made by that manufacturer were air-cooled ones. They were able to boost the engine’s output thanks to the work of his engineers in 1930. After the Great Depression, however, individuals stopped spending their extra money on flashy automobiles. The carmaker filed into bankruptcy in 1934, and its assets, including its trademark of a handwritten “Franklin” with an arrow through it, were auctioned.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

The Cole Motor Car Company, which produces high-end vehicles powered by V-8 internal combustion engines, is among the pioneers of Indianapolis’s automobile industry. It debuted in 1909, based on an earlier business (the Cole Carriage Company), but shut down in 1925 because its owner was frightened of going bankrupt. Cole, with its black Victorian writing, is a historical symbol in the American automobile business.


Name-Brand Automobiles Made in the USA

Abbott-Detroit was founded in 1909 and ran its manufacturing in Detroit until 1916, producing sturdy and powerful luxury automobiles. Upon relocating to Cleveland, he kept up production of his well-known station waggons, roadsters, limos, and other types. That lasted until 1918, when the firm officially filed for bankruptcy. Although the company’s vehicles had the Abbott-Detroit logo—a yellow triangle with a big red letter “A” and smaller lettering—they were marketed and sold under the Consolidated Car Co. brand.

How many different American automakers are there?

Ford, Chevrolet, Jeep, GMC, Buick, Dodge, and RAM all produce vehicles for the mass market. Luxury car brands including Cadillac, Lincoln, Chrysler, and Fusion are well-known. Tesla, Karma, Lucid, and Faraday Future are just a few of the electric vehicle manufacturers on the market today. Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Western Star are some of the best-known truck manufacturers. The Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper, and many more are just a few examples of sports car manufacturers.

Which automobile manufacturer is the most popular in the United States?

Taking into account market statistics as a whole, Toyota is the most popular automaker in the United States (Japan). If only American brands are considered, Chevrolet would come out on top.

That’s a lot of automobile makers in the US.

There are hundreds of distinct brands in the American car business, each catering to a certain demographic. In the United States, there are reportedly over a hundred automakers if you discount the privately held firms listed on Wikipedia.

Is it true that Chevrolets are only available in the United States?

The United States government has officially recognised the Chevrolet brand. Since 1918, it has been wholly owned by General Motors and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

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