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The Obama logos shone brilliantly and magnificently. Just the two of them. Both were developed in advance of the respective presidential terms that they preceded. They were very different from one another, but fundamentally the same. Against the backdrop of a little hill, this sculpture represents the dawn. Original inscriptions were added at various times, but the sun fragment is the most important part.

Obama Logo
Obama Logo

Brand Obama

Founded: 2007


American Republic

One of the presidents of the United States of America goes by the last name Obama. Barack Hussein Obama II is his full name. He first entered politics at the senatorial level. The ambitious young politician has already represented Illinois in the legislature twice. As time went on, he became the 44th President of the United States after he eventually won the election. It’s hard to forget the intensity of the campaigns for president.
It’s safe to say that Barack Obama is one of the most recognisable faces in the world, not just in the United States. His methods for addressing political issues and the direction his administration took are admired by many. The 44th President did a lot to foster friendly relations with foreign nations and did a lot to advance liberal rights in the United States. On top of all that, he made history by becoming the first African American to hold the office of President of the United States.

Context and Origins

Obama Logo
Obama Logo

Obama…what is he?

Barack Obama has become a national hero for his significant impact on the United States of America. The politician served two terms as president and made history as America’s first black president (from 2009 to 2017). During his presidency, he enacted numerous landmark pieces of legislation that would later prove essential in the nation’s economic revival, advancement of the automobile industry, and enhancement of the healthcare system. Many other significant reforms were also implemented by him, all of which improved the country’s situation.

During his campaigns, graphic designers produced emblems that were both elegant and patriotic, perfectly encapsulating his political goals. They were a reflection of the desire for a fresh start, a path toward liberalisation, and innovative approaches to old problems. Superb hues also accompanied the symbolic symbols. It was designed with colours reminiscent of the American flag.

Obama Logo
Obama Logo

Obama formally announced his bid for the presidency of the United States in 2007. In the midst of this initial election campaign, the first logo was designed. Sender LLC, a renowned design firm, was given the task of making the badge. The company’s creative director oversaw the effort. Saul Sander began working on the project at year’s end, and by 2007 he had shown the finished product to the public.

The designers’ inspiration came from an abstracted letter O. Not only did it have the weight of being closely linked to Barack Obama, but it also carried additional meaning. It was designed to look like the sun coming up against a sky-blue background. There was a hill with stripes that looked like the American flag. The website’s URL and the words “Barack Obama’08” were written beneath the image.

The selected typography was supposed to convey optimism, insight, and progressive alteration. The politician’s entire campaign centred on that. The colours used were those most commonly associated with flags and other symbols of states: blue, red, white, and a very pale blue. That’s how the future President proved how much he loves his country.

The incumbent President declared his candidacy for reelection in April 2011. After that, a new electoral drive began using the revised emblem. As a symbol of political continuity, it still included a depiction of the sun rising. The President’s goals, however, have taken on a new flavour, as seen by several recent developments.

Obama Logo
Obama Logo

The 2012 year was written in bold letters inside a rectangle that made up the new logo. This was the first year that the presidency was decided by popular vote. The figures were enormous and self-assured, taking up the majority of the room. A politician’s traditional emblem, a sunburst in a circular frame, was housed within the number 0. This strategy highlighted the politician’s consistency and his unwavering beliefs as he worked to better the country’s position.

Appropriate hues were selected to go along with the overall aesthetic. The background is a soothing shade of blue that conveys safety and confidence. White paint was used to represent the upcoming president’s transparency and candour, so the numerals were changed to reflect that. Colors of crimson, signifying energy, were also seen within the sun-rising emblem. The emblem was traditionally accompanied by a tiny inscription in the style of Barack Obama’s website address.

2012 – today

A symbol in the shape of the letter O with an image of the rising sun was a common denominator throughout the election campaign logos, despite their otherwise dissimilar designs. He is now widely recognised as the primary icon representing a well-known individual. The abstract design is a white circle with a rounded border that is rising on a striped background.

Obama Logo
Obama Logo

The sun, represented here by a white circle, rises against a blue sky and a little hill. The 44th President of the United States’s policy principles are reflected in the seamless integration of all components. The logo depicts patriotism, belief, optimism for the future, a path toward bettering the country’s predicament, and a sincere commitment to carrying out one’s duties.

Design Elements: Typeface and Colors

The iconic President Obama’s primary logo is a colourful and evocative graphic that incorporates a variety of symbols. The bottom is the shape of the letter O, a nice, even circle. In addition to being an obvious allusion to the character of a famous politician, it also contains indicators of his goals and guiding beliefs. Within the larger white circle, a smaller white circle inside the frame suggests the sun just about to rise.

Obama Logo
Obama Logo

It illustrates numerous key features of the political path, including openness, optimism, perspective, and rebirth. Also, the presidential candidate should always strive to project an image of unwavering integrity, something that the colour white represents. There’s a sky-blue sky behind the image for added effect. Trust, reliability, and authority are the conceptual weights of this information. The rounded hilltop is painted white and crimson. The latter is representative of life and energy, two traits that are indicative of a successful politician’s character.

Taken as a whole, the colour scheme is a repetition of the colours in the American flag. A strong sense of patriotism and a genuine desire to better the country’s situation are evidenced by this quality. The 44th President of the United States really implemented these policies. At the height of his power, the economy was booming, the infrastructure was being upgraded, and crucial industries were receiving his assistance.

Codes in Obama’s colours

Obama Logo
Obama Logo
Maximum Red Hex color: #d5302a
RGB: 213 48 42
CMYK: 0 77 80 16
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C
Star Command Blue Hex color: #127ec0
RGB: 18 126 192
CMYK: 91 34 0 25
Pantone: PMS 7461 C

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