Polaris Logo
Polaris Logo

Polaris makes snowmobiles, thus their emblem is immediately recognisable to extreme sports fans, fishers, and hunters.

Polaris: Logo

Founder:Edgar Hetteen, Allen Hetteen, David Johnson
Headquarters:Medina, Minnesota, U.S.

Meaning and History

Polaris Logo
Polaris Logo

This transportation firm’s visual identity combines images and text. Meaning, the name serves to complement a theme symbol. All capital letters were typed, and the corners were rounded. Only at the terminal points of the lines can you make a clean 90-degree turn. Big, long symbols with rounded corners.A rectangular “O” with rounded corners. Its inner lumen has been replaced with a star.


Polaris’ logo is graphical as well. One of the brightest stars in the sky, Polaris, may be seen in its centre, inside a horizontal ellipse. Its rays are split evenly between blue and white. Its shape is reminiscent of a snowflake, which is a symbol of diversity in manufactured goods. Color has this similar idea; it belongs to the icy, chilly spectrum.

Font and Colors

Polaris Logo
Polaris Logo

Polaris color codes

Hex color:#3e5594RGB:62 85 148CMYK:58 43 0 42Pantone:PMS 7685 C

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