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Rebel, established in 1985 and located in the Sydney metropolitan area, is an Australian sporting goods store. They provide items tailored to various sports, as well as those related to recovery, apparel, and footwear. The Rebel retail network offers a wide variety of well-known worldwide labels, such as Adidas and Nike. One hundred fifty of their shops may be found all throughout New Zealand and Australia, and they employ four thousand and five hundred people. The Australian cricket team relies on them for equipment for national competitions.

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Meaning and history

Super Retail Group Limited launched the first Rebel Sport store in Bankstown in 1985. The uniqueness of the name and the ease with which it might be connected with sports are likely why it was picked. For its 2012 rebranding, Rebel Sport dropped the term “Sport” from its moniker. It amalgamated with defunct sportswear company Amart Sports in 2017. At about the same time, Rebel had become the official partner of a wide variety of Australian cricket clubs. It employed more than 4,000 people and released music under a variety of different national labels.

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Just what does the term “Rebel” entail?

Rebel is a retail establishment specialising on premium sports equipment. They provide a wide variety of professional sports gear, apparel, footwear, and accessories. The company’s headquarters are based in Bankstown, Australia, and the chain itself began in the middle of the 1980s. The store’s more than 150 locations may be found in every state in Australia and in many cities throughout New Zealand. As an official partner, Rebel is associated with a wide variety of Australian cricketing bodies.


image credit:-Rebel Logo PNG

Originally, the Rebel logo was just two rectangles. The word “Rebel” appears in a rectangle frame above this image, while the word “Sport” is written in a different figure below.


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In addition to the name change came a new logo. The name was recently shown without the ‘Sport’ word or any squares.


Two different font configurations have been used for the Rebel brand logo. The initial logotype had slanted and stretched sans-serif characters for the word “rebel,” and short, strong sans-serif letters for the “sport” subtitle. There were also sizable pauses between the symbols. Both inscriptions have full uppercase letters.

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For 2012, the logo was updated to include the word “rebel” in lowercase sans-serif letters. The logo’s uniqueness and sophistication come from the mirrored second ‘e’ sign.

Colorful Icon of Disobedience

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The black icon on the white backdrop serves as the official Rebel corporate logo. This logo also comes in white, blue, and other colours, however these variants are used only in certain contexts.

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