Clean redesign from Canada Dry

Canada Dry unveiled the rebranding and new logo in early October 2022. She showed out an insignia that, according to her, aced tests in every key category, including visual recognition speed.

Refreshingly new look from Canada Dry
Clean redesign from Canada Dry

On October 6th, 22nd, the newly redesigned branding was unveiled. Owner claims it will appear on all branded goods’ packaging, from Tonic Water to Club Soda to Ginger Ale. Concurrently, the revamp is evocative of previously used graphics and logos, indicating a definite tendency towards consistency. According to Keurig Dr. Pepper Canada’s director of marketing, Tebbie Chuchla, the brand’s identity is built on the past but geared toward the future and the expansion of the business.

The brand’s attention to this tactic is deliberate. He expects that by expanding his brand in this manner, he would get a positive reaction from both existing and potential clients. In addition, the ancient broad insignia, longitudinal stripes, and a map of Canada serve to illustrate the connection between the generations. The sign is both attractive and functional, meeting the needs of the present day.

The logo depicts an organisational shield with both strong and softer shapes. It has the form of a regular pentahedron. Dual edging of green (outer) and olive-gold (inner). The multi-structured framework shows the firm’s resilience in the face of adversity and the reliability with which product quality is safeguarded.

A grid of meridians and parallels is drawn on the globe in the new logo as well. It’s a metaphor for the globalisation of markets and the accessibility of goods to everyone, anywhere. The company’s founding year is shown above. Its title stands out in bright red type. Miniature serifs, which act more like extensions, adorn the letters.


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