The refined emblematic elements convey prestige, harmony, and regal grandeur. The Rolls Royce logo exemplifies the company’s commitment to fusing technological advancements with the kind of luxurious touches that make rides in the company’s vehicles really memorable.

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

Summary of the Rolls-Royce Brand

Established in March 1998
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Ltd., Established
Headquarters: London, England, U.K.

Rolls-Royce, based in Britain, is a household name throughout the world because to its penchant for innovation. Throughout its existence, it has produced one-of-a-kind vehicles outfitted with such high-end features as refrigerators, restrooms, pianos, umbrellas, and folding tables. The man who founded Ford Motor Company also owned a Rolls-Royce and gushed over its namesake designer.


Context and Origins

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

Just what is a Rolls-Royce?

The Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited brand is established in the United Kingdom and produces premium droptops, sedans, coupes, and sport utility vehicles. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd., in turn, is a subsidiary of BMW AG of Germany.

Charles Rolls and Henry Royce gave their names to the company now known as Rolls-Royce. Among them was a car manufacturer and a car lot proprietor. They reached an agreement to work together, and Rolls-Royce Limited was established in 1906. Aircraft engines were the primary focus of manufacturing throughout the conflict. Up until 1971, the company’s finances were stable, but then it started to run into trouble due to the loss-making RB211-22 aviation engines.


The government chose to privatise Rolls-Royce as a means of escaping the predicament it had created. As a consequence, the vehicle business split off and began selling cars under the Rolls-Royce Motors brand in 1973. The manufacturer of the aeroplane engines kept ownership of the logo. To avoid confusion, the manufacturer was only allowed to employ the more conventional visual identity with customer permission. They were succeeded in turn by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in 2003. In 1998, she acquired a licence to use the Rolls-Royce brand.

1906 – 1934

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

As a four-part coat of arms, one of the early Rolls-Royce logos was a familiar sight. There was an image of the Spirit of Ecstasy in the upper left. Those two wings symbolised Nike, the goddess of triumph, and were located on the bottom right side. All other features were standard fare in heraldry. The Manchester coat of arms was adapted to include elements such as the lion (a symbol of courage) and the Red Rose of Lancaster (a symbol of the County of Lancashire).

This is, of course, Rolls-birthplace. Royce’s Similarly, the seahorse symbolised strength and dependability, as seen in the image on the left. The two “R” monogram and the words “ROLLS ROYCE” were centred in a square on the shield.

1911 – 1934

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

The logo has evolved into its current form over time. A rectangle with the company’s name and initials appeared to begin protecting its inhabitants. It was held by two lions rampaging on a shield. Below the stylised wings and the Red Rose of Lancaster was a ribbon that said, “THE BEST CAR IN THE WORLD.”

1911 – 1973

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

A symbol was employed that had the initials “RR” inside an oval within a figural coat of arms, and this was often combined with other symbols. The layout was straightforward and flat.

1911 – 2020

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

The most well-known Rolls Royce logo, the Spirit of Ecstasy, depicted a lady leaning forward with her arms extending behind her. This likeness was based on a figurine made in 1909. Despite the fact that bonnet mascots were not common at the time, automotive movement pioneer John Walter nonetheless intended to adorn his vehicle with one. With the help of sculptor Charles Robinson Sykes, he created a figure he titled The Whisper. In addition, a corporate mascot named Charles was authorised for all Rolls-Royce vehicles in 1910. The artist’s planned concept for the statue of Nike was never developed by the goddess herself. Instead, he made adjustments to The Whisper, turning it into the drug that is now commonly known as the Spirit of Ecstasy.

1973 – 1998

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

Rolls-Royce Motors, the automobile division, was founded in 1973. The monogram was kept, but the designers gave it some depth by setting it within a rounded, dark blue rectangle.

1998 – 2020

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited was bought by the BMW Group in 1998. Until 2003, it supplied engines to Rolls-Royce Motors, but since then, it has focused only on the production of vehicles. The logo was a rectangular shape with rounded sides that included the company’s initials and brand name. This picture seemed three-dimensional thanks to the silvery gradient. Pentagram studio finished the design in 2018 with the double “R” intact. The Farnborough Airshow was the first public showing of the new logo.

2020 – today

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

In 2020, Rolls-Royce once again collaborated with Pentagram to rebrand the company’s image in an effort to win over a new, younger audience. The new branding was spearheaded by Marina Willer. The classic monogram was kept, but the designers ditched the complementary square backdrop and message. The sole current use of “RR” is as a decorative metal emblem for automobiles. While the “Spirit of Ecstasy” still serves as a bonnet mascot, the figure shown inside has been elevated to the status of a full-fledged logo, and is now created in an abstract art style.

Emblem Typeface and Color Scheme

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

The original inspiration for “Spirit of Ecstasy” was John Walter’s secretary, Eleanor Velasco Thornton. At first inspired by the sculptures of Charles Robinson Sykes, the emblem’s creators later simplified the form and added a foundation for the figure to stand on. To emphasise progress, they also swung the figure to the right.

Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS
Rolls-Royce Logo | HISTORY OF LOGOS

The serif font used for the monogram is very identical to the one used for the first debut of the brand. The words “ROLLS” and “ROYCE,” in the Rolls-Royce Pioneer grotesque font from Colophon Foundry, formerly accompanied it. A black and white logo is the industry standard.

Colors used by Rolls-Royce

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

When asked, “What does the Rolls Royce logo symbolise?”

The monogram of the automaker’s initials, which form an interlocking “RR,” is a distinctive design feature. Rolls Royce is an abbreviation for Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

Why does the Rolls Royce logo cost so much?

The cost of a Rolls Royce emblem varies with the quality of its construction. They must be expensive if they are really diamonds. The price of Spirit of Ecstasy is also affected by its unique anti-theft mechanism.

For how little can one get their hands on a Rolls-Royce?

In other words, Bob Moseley purchased the least expensive Rolls-Royce Phantom available. He spent $65,000 on the secondhand automobile. The technology used in the older Rolls-Royce vehicles (from the past century) is what drives down their prices.

What is the value of a Rolls Royce trademark?

The cost of a Spirit of Ecstasy figurine varies. It’s believed that the most costly diamond choice would cost about $200,000. The price of the chrome-plated variant begins at $1,500.

Is Rolls Royce a business?

Rolls-Royce is both a manufacturer and a name for luxury automobiles.

Does a Rolls-Royce ever have mechanical problems?

When a Rolls-Royce breaks down, it’s no different than any other automobile. As famous as Kim K. is, she isn’t the only celebrity to have experienced this.

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