Telegram is an application for instant messaging that was first released in 2013. In addition to enabling the transmission of text messages and a variety of media files, this service is widely regarded as being among the most trustworthy of its kind. More than 200 million people all around the globe use the messaging app Telegram.

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Telegram Slogan

  • Telegram will be free forever.

The significance and the past

Pavel Durov, the individual who was responsible for the VKontakte platform, which is the most popular form of social media in Russia, is the brains behind the creation of Telegram. The online messenger that was created by Durov was initially more of an experiment, but in 2014, when the WhatsApp servers ceased to perform properly, it gained an incredible amount of popularity. During the same night, more than 5 million individuals all across the globe downloaded the Telegram app.

images credit : TELEGRAM LOGO

Telegram is now one of the most widely used forms of internet communication. It is estimated that several hundred million individuals throughout the globe are currently using it. Its primary function, which is not unlike to that of other applications of this sort, is to transmit text, audio, and video communications, in addition to files. However, there are also certain elements that are exclusive to this programme, which distinguish it from the other applications on the market.

To begin, Telegram is able to reach rapid speeds while maintaining a high level of security since it has multiple servers located all over the globe. Due to this advantage, Telegram is able to transmit messages much faster than its rivals. In addition to this, the platform offers dependable defence against a wide range of assaults.

There are no limits placed on the size of conversations or files that may be transmitted via Telegram. You are able to transmit an unlimited number of files, up to 1.5 GB in size, in a single mail. The programmes enable the development of group conversations with as many as 30,000 users at once, in addition to topic channels, which function similarly to groups found in social networks. Telegram not only supports public conversations, but it also enables users to create private groups and chats.

These are just the most fundamental characteristics. In point of fact, there are a great deal more. Every single action and button included inside the programme makes perfect sense and contributes significantly to the app’s user-friendliness and convenience.

What exactly is a telegram?

Telegram is a kind of instant messaging that was developed for the internet in 2013 by Pavel Durov. The messenger operates according to the tried-and-true idea of exchanging text and voice messages, but it also enables the development of groups and channels through which users may subscribe to the writings of a variety of writers and read their work. Telegram has evolved into more of a social networking platform in recent years, and it now has millions of users from all over the world.

2013 – Today

images credit : TELEGRAM LOGO

The first version of the Telegram logo was developed in 2013, and the well-known messaging service continues to make use of it. The white paper aircraft was set on top of a solid circle of sky blue, and it was created in smooth, strong lines. It seemed to be extremely fashionable and minimalist, but friendly and cool owing to its fresh colour palette and smoothened angles.

2019 – Today

images credit : TELEGRAM LOGO

Despite the fact that Telegram is still a relatively new service, its logo is already well recognised all over the world. It is modern, one of a kind, and has an air of merriment about it.

The idea behind the app’s visual identity is centred on the logo, however depending on the circumstances, a wordmark may also be used. The nameplate for Telegram is rendered in a straightforward and conventional sans-serif font, characterised by clean and tidy lines as well as sufficient space between the letters.

The logo for Telegram is a light blue circle that is completely filled with the picture of a paper aeroplane in white in the centre. It represents the objective of the programme, which is to communicate messages and connect individuals with one another.

The colour scheme of the Telegram visual identity, which is blue and white, is meant to convey the company’s reputation for dependability and loyalty while also invoking feelings of safety and protection. The logo takes on an airy and revitalised appearance thanks to the vibrant colour mix.

The Telegram logo is a reflection of a youthful spirit and independence; it also displays inventiveness and ease, which are the primary qualities of the application’s users. Additionally, the logo demonstrates that Telegram is easy to use.


The more streamlined version of the logo is now shown as an icon in both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Market. The Telegram X app has a symbol that is quite similar to this one. With the latest update to the app, both the icon and the logo have been updated.

Even now it is still the white paper aircraft on a sky-blue backdrop, the lines of the white element have become stronger and smoother, giving the overall picture a more certain and modern appearance.

Size and hue of the text

The only component of Telegram’s visual identity is a graphical logo; the company does not use any writing in its branding. In addition to this, the insignia is rendered in a vivacious and modern colour palette, which is created by combining a deep cobalt blue with pure white. White is meant to depict the programme as one that can be trusted and relied upon, while the light shade of blue in the Telegram logo conveys the idea of unity and ease of use.

The colour palette of blue and white represents not just communication but also friendliness and welcome, despite the fact that it draws attention to the more professional aspects of the platform in the first place.

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