The 10 package design trends listed below will be relevant in 2022.

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Toward the end of the year, we’re eagerly awaiting the next wave of packaging trends. At first glance, their geometric simplicity contrasts sharply with the intricate ink drawings and human figures they depict. A common thread emerges, however: a move away from packaging that is immediately recognizable as “commercial” in favor of packaging that has a more “artistic” vibe.

This year, we’ve come to appreciate just how integral e-commerce has become to our day-to-day existence. That’s not going to change any time soon, I can assure you. Ecommerce can’t make up for the lack of a physical store and a brand atmosphere. Even the most immersive website can’t compensate. As a result, package designers and business owners are upping the ante to send a touch of branding right to your doorstep.

Please have a peek at our latest design trends for packages.

Instead of replacing the in-store experience, the goal is to meet consumers where they are now and where they will be going forward. Creating a new, more engaging brand experience is at the heart of the packaging trends expected to emerge in 2022.

Trends in 2022 packaging design include the following:

Tiny sketched patterns reveal what’s within.

A vintage-inspired unboxing experience.

Insufficiently complex geometry

Packaging with a nod to fine art

Technical and anatomical ink drawings

An organic approach to color blocking

There is a lot of attention paid to the product names on display.

Stylistic perfection.

Oddball characters and story-telling packaging

Consistent color throughout the board

illustrations that reveal the contents of the book.

For more than just decoration, patterns and pictures may be employed in a variety of ways. They are able to convey the essence of a thing via their descriptions. From the year 2022, packaging will be covered in intricate patterns and little images that will only serve one purpose: to give you a hint about what’s inside.

As a result, you’ll get a more imaginative depiction of what’s inside the box rather than a true depiction of what’s inside. Rather than using a photograph of actual tortilla chips, a chipmaker may use an image of a triangular shape that seems to be tortilla chips.

There will be an increasing number of creative packaging designs in 2022. It’s easy to tell what you’re getting from Gstar’s Nourish or Cime’s adorable, simple popcorn pattern since they don’t overwhelm you with a complicated, oppressive picture.

An out-of-date unboxing experience

What’s new in antique packaging this year? However, what is new about this year’s craze? You’ll feel like you’ve journeyed back in time when you receive the gift.

In the year 2022, you won’t see a profusion of packaging inspired by the vintage era. To create the most immersive experience possible, you’ll see packaging that has an authentically retro appearance and feel. Packaging designs that seem like they may have originated from the time of your great-grandmother will take you back in time.

Going beyond logos and labels, the overall brand experience has to include vintage-inspired textures, bottle shapes, materials, outside packaging, and imagery. Adding a few old touches to the package is no longer enough. For whatever reason, a time machine seems to have taken the box off the shelf.

Strong geometric shapes will provide packaging designers an advantage over their competitors.

Strong angles, crisp lines, and vibrant colors (literally) This trend, like the pattern trend, gives purchasers a sneak peek at what a product is all about. Instead of showing what’s inside a box, these designs are purely abstract. A seemingly simple approach may be an effective way for firms to make their presence known and leave an indelible mark on customers.

Packaging for fine art in 2022

More and more products will come with packaging that is a piece of art in and of itself. However, this tendency may also be seen in lower-priced goods, such as clothing and footwear. Incorporating paintings and paint textures into their designs is becoming more common, with some designers even making them the focal point. The goal is to blur the line between packaging design and fine art, demonstrating that even a bottle of wine that will eventually be thrown away can be beautiful and unique.

Even while some designers choose past masters (like the cheese packaging above), this style is mostly influenced by abstract paintings and fluid painting techniques. Designers of packaging are emulating the textures and effects you’d see on a freshly poured resin painting or an oil painting that has been allowed to dry for a long time.

Ink technical and anatomical drawings

There’s been a noticeable shift in recent months. More “art gallery” than “commercial graphic design,” the packaging trends for 2022 is more like this: Your favorite (and soon to be favorite) things will be packed in designs that seem like they came directly out of an anatomical diagram or an engineering blueprint, together with powerful geometry and tactile textures.

Packaging design concepts for 2022 include an organically created color blocking technique.

A color-blocking technique is nothing new. The question is, what about color blocking in blobs? So 2022 is the year that we’re talking about.

Organic color blocking in 2022 is distinct from other color blocking trends because of its unique textures, unexpected color combinations, and wide range of shapes and weights. An eclectic flower garden or a dalmatian’s coat isn’t a source of inspiration for these collages; rather, they feel like an eclectic floral garden or a dalmatian’s coat is a source of inspiration for these collages. There’s an authenticity about them that’s appealing.

Spirals and squiggles emerge in packaging designs, such as JianBrandingTM’s Little Ritual design. Patterns are blocked on top of colors, and designers utilize startling color palettes.

Product names should be displayed prominently.

To avoid drawing attention away from the product’s name, some designers are focusing on its artwork or logo. In order to make the product’s name stand out, these designers get incredibly imaginative with letters. All of these package designs have a distinct personality since each name is a component that stands on its own.

For product-focused companies, this packaging trend is perfect since it clearly identifies what the product is called and what it is used for, making it an appropriate packaging trend. These designs employ strong typography to express the overall attractiveness of the brand. The rest of the design is just decorative in order to make the name stand out.

The utmost in symmetrical perfection:

As a rule, the top trends of the year are usually at odds with one another. Packaging trends for 2022 are no different from those of previous years. In contrast to certain package designers who experiment with faulty shapes in their designs, others choose to produce symmetrical designs. Amidst the chaos, these patterns appeal to our sense of order, creating an eerie calm.

In 2022, keep a lookout for these innovative v10 packaging design concepts.

Complexity isn’t the only characteristic of designs in this category, though. Yerba Mate’s original design by Raluca De, for example, has a more open feel thanks to the use of negative space. Although they aren’t as intricate as the more complex designs, they are just as visually beautiful since they are perfectly symmetrical.

When it comes to the packaging of your product, it’s important to think beyond the box.

This year, you’ll see a lot of companies employing packaging to express their story, which is a vital part of any successful branding strategy.

It won’t be long until 2022 brings the first appearance of characters that are more than just mascots. In place of mascots, these characters will appear as if you were looking at a single panel from a comic book. As a result, you won’t have to visit the brand’s website to read their narrative or deduce it from the advertising they run, but the main character will be delivered to your door, allowing you to hear the story directly from the source.

These characters bring their organizations’ stories to life in a cartoonish, whimsical manner that makes you feel like you’re reading a comic book. Among the most famous examples of this is St. Pelmeni’s Peachocalypse design, which shows a city being wiped out by a gigantic peach.

A single, consistent hue.

You’ll discover things packaged in single colors, as well as comic book-like packaging. Even though it has a narrower color palette, this package design has just as much flair as the others. You may expect to see packaging designs in 2022 that is primarily focused on the product’s substance and colors.

You’ll note that the bulk of these packaging designs features bold, brilliant colors. Rather than the sterile white box of your Macbook, these designs are vibrant and outgoing, with a strong sense of style. Even if they don’t, like in Eva Hilla’s Babo design, they utilize an unusual shade that creates an atmosphere that focuses attention on what’s being spoken. Instead of immediately showing the items, they build anticipation by providing information to the customer.

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