The following are ten logo design trends for 2022.

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The 20s are in desperate need of a makeover after a shaky start to the new decade. Fortunately, the following logo design trends for 2022 are more than capable of meeting the challenge.

We polled our global community of logo designers, and their forecasts reflect the changing atmosphere of the design industry. Unlike last year’s logo trends, which concentrated on reinvention through new technologies, the logo trends for 2022 tend to be more focused on creativity within restrictions. Despite the fact that the globe has been confined in a variety of ways over the last year, the logo designers of 2022 are forging ahead.

The top ten logo design trends for 2022 are as follows:

1.Stained glass

2.Perspective drawing

3.Simplistic geometry

4.Divergent letters

5.Authentic portraiture

6.Pristine symmetry

7.Kooky characters

8.Modernized symbolism

9.Static motion

11.Analogous color schemes

1.Stained glass

As a relatively new creation, logo design frequently draws inspiration from historical techniques and restrictions. In the year 2022, many logo designers are inspired by the stained glass windows of the Middle Ages.

The shattering of imagery into shards of solid color provides a touch of abstraction to everyday notions when used in current designs. Because of its origins in the medieval church, stained glass is also connected with holiness. It’s probably no surprise that this logo style is frequently associated with breathtaking views of nature. After spending the greater part of a year cooped up indoors, we may anticipate reverence to be bestowed upon our delicate biosphere in the stained glass logo designs of 2022.

2. Perspective drawing

Great design is born from simplicity and clarity, as legendary logo designer Lindon Leader once said. These two characteristics are what enable logo designs to successfully express a brand’s multifaceted identity to a viewer. It’s why minimalism and flat design have been popular logo styles in the past.

While the logo designers of 2022 will not forsake this technique, they will seek to regain some of the charms that have been lost due to over-simplification. Incorporating delicate perspective angles has become a common logo design style. Designers may create the sense of depth without complicating the design by using fundamental drawing techniques such as linear perspective, curvature, or foreshortening.

The result is that logos seem emphatic—the brand actually leaps off the page—while semi-flat design principles, which have served designers so well in the past, are preserved.

3. Simplistic geometry

Shapes are the fundamental elements of visual. While simple forms like triangles, squares, and circles are frequently phased away once they have set the foundation, there is strength in their simplicity.
Logos comprised of basic lines and forms are being used by 2022 designers to make use of this ability. These logos have an impression of planned restraint thanks to their tight devotion to form minimalism, which allows them to take chances in other areas, such as intensely saturated colors.
Simple layering may also provide the idea of structure and depth, which is a reference to the perspective drawing style we mentioned before. Designers may create beautiful things using only form language.

4. Divergent letters

For better or worse, wordmarks—logos based on a typeface—have a reputation for being clear. They make the brand name the focal point of the logo, making it more recognizable, but they don’t give much space for creativity. But, one letter at a time, the logo designers of 2022 are altering that perception.
We’re noticing an increasing number of exaggerations of one letter inside a wordmark. An off-colored title over a lowercase I or towering chopsticks creating an uppercase ‘H’ may be as subtle as an off-colored title. The diverging letter not only draws the eye’s attention, but it also allows marketers the best of both worlds: a type-based logo in the conventional sense

5. Authentic portraiture

It is a well-known truth that individuals are drawn to other people’s faces, which is why portraits are important in design for building an emotional connection. The stronger the relationship, the more genuine and recognized those faces are.
As a result, in 2022, more logo designers will use portraiture to represent a variety of ethnicities, cultures, genders, age ranges, and other factors. This technique generates an authentic and true impression, which helps individuals engage with a business in an instant, in contrast to the homogenous image that too frequently overcrowds the media. These logos can range from simple, flat character representations to intricate creative styles that draw attention to defects and shortcomings.

6. Pristine symmetry

One of the most important aspects of logo design is balance, and symmetry is possibly the most extreme example of it. When split along the center, symmetrical logomarks are identical on both sides.

While similarity and predictability may appear to be synonyms for redundancy, symmetrical design is all about power. They remind us of skyscrapers, which are built to stand their ground, no matter how tall or intricate they are, and do so by perfect symmetrical balance.

Logos may have line art that feels both impossibly complicated and wonderfully organized thanks to this flawless symmetry. Despite the fact that symmetry is popular in mathematical designs, we’re seeing it in hand-drawn logos as well. Whether designers are aiming for perfection or strength, one thing is certain: the logo architecture of 2022 is meant to last.

7. Kooky characters

While logo designers are leading the push in representing actual people, many others in 2022 will use caricature and overdone comedy to oppose this. From a rat-playing doctor to a flamboyant doughnut dandy, we’re witnessing an increase in primarily drawn logos that express funny, though bizarre, notions.
Businesses that provide comfort or amusement want to put their customers at ease, and designers are responding with logos that exude friendliness. Finally, these humorous designs make buyers feel as though they’ve discovered a buddy rather than a company.

8. Modernized symbolism

From the springing Phoenix to the immortal goddess to the all-seeing eye, logos have always had their origins in ancient symbols. A logo’s goal, like that of ancient hieroglyphs and pictograms, is to communicate through simplified imagery.
Normally, logos strive to develop their own symbolic language, but in 2022, designers will leverage the power of old symbols. The result is that the concept of a striving brand is associated with well-known, classical qualities. A leap of faith is required when starting a new firm, and these symbolic logos hold the promise of a revelation.

9. Static motion

Animated logos have become increasingly popular in recent years. While technology has enabled these astounding visual feats, logo designers in the year 2022 are attempting to generate motion inside immobile logos.
There will be more motion tracers, fluid forms, spatter particles, and action lines as a result of this. This is one logo trend that is likely to create a splash for organizations looking to innovate, such as IT companies. It serves as a reminder to customers that a brand is more than a product or a service: it is a living organism.

10. Analogous color schemes

We typically anticipate seeing approaches that are spectacular, new, and subversive in annual logo design trends. Analogous color schemes, on the other hand, are what first-year color theory students learn about. This is simply the matching of hues on the color wheel that are next to one another, and the outcome is a scientific method to generating harmony (in place of the contrast of opposing colors).
While similar color palettes aren’t necessarily new, their increasing prevalence in logo design might signal a disdain of contrast. Color is one of the most powerful tools designers have for influencing a viewer’s emotions, and if you ask us, we like a little harmony.

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