Zoomtopia will present its ideas for the future of communication on November 8-9, 2022. She has previously indicated that the existing application would get a rebranding and overhaul to accommodate new features.

Whereas in the past their product was limited to a video app, it is currently developing into a full-fledged communication platform. With that in mind, the developer has declared that he will be rebranding Zoom Chat as Zoom Team Chat. An interactive whiteboard, meeting rooms, voice calls, file sharing, Google Hangouts, instant messaging, and more will all be available.

The revised Zoom logo reflects the company’s commitment to these new initiatives. There were a number of “O”s in her list of them. She put up signs that explained what each of the components was for, including chat windows, a phone, a display with two seats, a video camera, a whiteboard, a speech bubble, and headphones with a microphone. Blue is used for the portrayed components, which are set against a white backdrop. Lowercase letters with slightly rounded edges are used at the beginning and finish of each word.

The novelty of the goods on sale may be seen in the refreshed logo. It’s evidence of widespread two-way communication among users and evidence of ocean-spanning cooperation. The new branding is another evidence that remote teams can benefit from Zoom’s cutting-edge features by streamlining their operations and working together more effectively. The redesigned logo also aids in conveying the value of the service to users.

The logo’s colour scheme has been revised along with its typeface, product name, and symbols. The corporate blue colour scheme is easy on the eyes. Bright, but not in a neon way. Zoom’s primary colour has changed.


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