The World's Most Expensive Logos

One of the most important aspects of a successful company’s corporate identity is branding and logo design. The emblem of a well-known business should embody its core values and beliefs. Colors and features in the logo aren’t just symbols; they’re thoughts and bundles of data.

Discover how much some of the world’s most renowned firms have spent on logo design and rebranding over the years; you may be surprised.

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0. Symantec Brand & Acquisition — $1,280,000,000

The price tag on this basic yet effective logo was well worth it. The most important feature is a checkmark, which signifies that the procedure was completed. And it’s perfect for a business that specializes in website security. There’s also symbolism to the yellow circle, which signifies continuity and stability of protection. The result is a sense of comfort, trust, and safety.

The World's Most Expensive Logos

1. BP logo cost: $211,000,000

The World's Most Expensive Logos

Landor Associates changed the BP logo in 2008, which surprised me since, in my perspective, BP’s branding was challenging. In creating a unique BP brand, Landor colleagues had done an excellent job. Landor is up against competition from four other firms that have already made a name for themselves in the same industry.

2. Accenture logo: $100,000,000

The World's Most Expensive Logos

The forward mark transforms the brand into a strong and beautiful idea, even if the brand itself is basic. The forward mark is a symbol of what the company will look like in the not-too-distant future.

The World's Most Expensive Logos

Service industry and outsourcing firm Accenture may be a multinational one. Andersen Consulting was obliged to change its name when its contract with the Andersen accountancy business expired in 2000. With the intention of putting a “focus on the future,” they changed their company name to Accenture.

3. Posten Norge Logo Cost: $55,000,000

The World's Most Expensive Logos

Everything clever is, after all, only a basic idea. As part of a rebranding effort, the state-owned postal service, which has a monopoly in Norway, scribbled down the name of the corporation and added a circle with parts that flow into one another. When a company sends a letter to a recipient, the marketing message is evident. This logo ended up being basic yet powerful in its message. Despite the fact that the cost is prohibitive,

The World's Most Expensive Logos

4. Australia & New Zealand banking Group (ANZ) logo Cost: $15,000,000

ANZ is Australia’s third-largest bank and New Zealand’s largest. ANZ Corporation’s rebranding process took two years to complete. The program, which began in 2010 and was completed in 2012, cost the corporation around $15 million. This figure is used not only for the logo but also for the whole marketing campaign as a whole. Massive logo and rebranding budgets are welcomed by many sycophants. “We live in your world,” is the brand’s tagline.

The World's Most Expensive Logos

5. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) logo Cost: $1,800,000

As children, we were all familiar with the BBC logo. And there is just another illustration of a profitable investment. This logo has been used by the corporation for a long time, and consumers’ subconsciouses have come to link it with trustworthy and up-to-date information.

To achieve the desired minimalistic effect, white letters were used on a black backdrop with squares around each letter. There’s a psychology of forms in which well-defined outlines are related to dependability and unambiguity.

An international media giant spent more than $1 million on a new logo for its British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). For years, the letters “B B C” in square boxes have been the network’s unmistakable mark of recognition. Once again, the BBC holds the record for the longest-running on-screen logo, which spanned from 1971 until 1988.

The World's Most Expensive Logos

6. CitiBank — $1,500,000

This bank’s logo is a logo that will stand the test of time. Twenty years after its conception, it’s still instantly recognizable, memorable, and timely. When you consider how much money this bank makes, the money it took to start it is a drop in the ocean.

The fact that this emblem was the first of its kind is notable in and of itself. First and only, it was drawn on a napkin. A person with such a skill set may be worth the investment.

The World's Most Expensive Logos

7. Pepsi Logo — $1,000,000

It is not necessary to look at this logo to remember the three multi-colored waves that make up this ball. Furthermore, the cost of creating a logo seems reasonable for a company of this stature. Coca-Cola, the world’s leading producer of sweet carbonated beverages, was a target for this new logo. And although it’s tough to judge whether or not they succeeded, the design itself was undeniably a hit. The firm must be doing well since it can afford to spend so much money on a logo, and they have made it apparent that they will remain in business.

The World's Most Expensive Logos

8. London 2012 Olympics Logo — $625,000

And here we observe a trend toward making the logo more complicated while at the same time lowering its price. As a result of the connotations that this logo evokes, it is highly debated. Despite the fact that the logo seems to be too complicated, it nevertheless costs more than $500,000 to create. The logo’s creators seem to have attempted to capture the architectural style of London in this logo, but the final product has been met with a great deal of criticism.

The World's Most Expensive Logos

9. Belfast Logo Design — $280,000

Rather than overcomplicating things, the logo designers of this city chose to keep things simple by enclosing the city’s name in the shape of a heart. This emblem has a striking resemblance to tourist magnets that are often marketed in major cities. The designers’ goal, incidentally, was to generate the appropriate connection (we know you remember these tiny lanes with souvenir items) and bring in a steady stream of new visitors to the city.

The World's Most Expensive Logos

10. City of Melbourne Logo Design — $148,000

The city of Melbourne’s logo design has gradually become an iconic representation of the city’s corporate might and the contemporary, dynamic, and cool metropolis that Melbourne is now and will continue to be in the future. The City of Melbourne levied a $148,000 fine on Landor Associates’ Sydney office in 2009 for the design.

An appealing logo design represents Melbourne as a fashionable and progressive city that adapts to today’s world; the brand identity generated has an effect and flexibility that goes beyond the logo design, and it looks incredibly vivid and energetic. A lot of people were pleased with the design.

The World's Most Expensive Logos

11. NeXT – $100,000

The well-known graphic designer Paul Rand created the logo and corporate identity for the now-defunct NeXT, the American computer corporation founded by Steve Jobs. Having been fired by the Apple board, Steve Jobs put everything into NeXT in order to take on his former employer. Steve Jobs paid $100,000 for his logo design and corporate identification because he was eager to fight head-to-head with Apple. Known for his 100-page guidebook, Rand renamed the firm from “Next” to “NeXT” in the process.

The World's Most Expensive Logos


As you can see, firms spent outrageous sums for logo design, rebranding, and complete brand purchases. When it comes to promoting a brand and marketing plan, the value of a logo cannot be overstated.

Just look at the two low-cost logos that we used as an example. Both Twitter and Nike became successful in part because of innovative ideas, such as Twitter’s and Nike’s, as well as high quality, ideal customer service, and novel ways to manufacture. However, the logo continues to play an important role in brand positioning, therefore it must be developed with great attention, accuracy, and creativity.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the world’s most expensive logos. Please share your thoughts in the comments area below. Check out the Logo Design Online Masterclass course listed below if you’re just starting out as a logo designer and want to learn the ropes.

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