There’s always more to learn about logo design, whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned veteran. However, despite the abundance of information available on the internet, much of it is repetitive and offers the same old suggestions again and time again.

Our goal here was to compile twenty materials that weren’t clones of one another. A distinct facet of logo design is addressed by each of these books. We really hope this makes it easier for you to locate the data or suggestions you want.

Learn the fundamentals of logo creation.
To get you started, here are five resources that can help you learn the fundamentals of logo design. You may learn the basics in a brief essay, a more in-depth one, and a video and software tutorial all in one place.

Learn how to create a logo in 10 easy steps.

It is important to know what a logo is before you begin designing one. Jacob Cass, a logo designer, explains this in an easy-to-understand and simple manner.

the most comprehensive guide on logo design

Creating a great logo takes a unique blend of design expertise, conceptual insight, and practical application. A logo that serves its purpose may be created by any competent designer, but true mastery of the art takes time. These 25 recommendations from the pros were compiled by Nick Carson, editor of Computer Arts magazine, to help you better your branding efforts.

Creating a logo: the steps involved

Will Paterson walks you through the process of creating a logo in the same way a friend would. It’s a good idea to watch this eight-minute video if you’ve been trying to understand all the advice you’ve been reading in blog articles.

Aaron Draplin accepts a challenge to create a logo

There’s no better way to learn about logo design than to see a talented designer at work. Designer Aaron Draplin from Portland makes a dozen different logos for an imaginary construction firm in this 16-minute video. It’s all here for your viewing pleasure: watch him doodle, import his ideas into Illustrator, test, and fine-tune them as he goes.

These are 2017’s most innovative graphic design tools thus far.

Tutorial 5: How to create a logo with Illustrator

Do you want to learn how to make a logo using Adobe Illustrator’s vector editing features? Using practice files, this tutorial walks you through the process step-by-step.

Your logo design abilities should be improved

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of logo design, it’s time to specialize. Logo design is an art and a science, requiring knowledge of typography, color, form, psychology, and responsive technology.

Typefaces and logos

Typography is essential if you want to understand logo design. Hence, The Logo Factory has compiled a list of 30 phrases and ideas that you need to know, as well as the finest typefaces to use in your logo design.

A logos kerning is an important aspect of its design.

A new logo’s kerning, or space between the letters, is the most likely item to be criticized by other designers. How to do it right? Ian Paget has the answer in this article.

Which colors should you use when creating a logo?

Color psychology is essential to creating a successful logo. Logo Design London’s Martin Christie explains all you need to know in this article.

Symbolism and the human mind

Big companies don’t just choose random shapes for their logos. Martin Christie of Logo Design London offers a lesson on the psychology of logo forms and how you may use it to your advantage.

How to prepare your logo for responsive design

An increasing number of smart devices with differing screen sizes and resolutions need today’s logos to show flexible websites. In this essay, Jon Tarr shows why a simple, flexible, and adaptable logo is so vital in today’s world.

How to make Twitter-like your logo again

Thousands of people on social media aren’t going to tell their logo design is terrible, and no one wants that. How to escape the internet’s wrath after the publication of your logo design has been discussed by Paula Benson and Simon Manchipp.

Here are some tools to help you stay on top of the latest design trends and build a logo that your customers will enjoy.

Bring your ideas to life by creating a memorable logo for your business.

The customer is sometimes overlooked in the haste to develop a stunning logo that will wow your other designers, but the client is the one who will ultimately be paying for your work. That’s not always the case, especially if the customer in question isn’t very creative and so has no idea what goes into the design process. Some excellent advice follows on how to ensure that all parties are on the same page when it comes to the design of the logo.

How to write a logo design brief from the perspective of a designer

In order to keep your customers on board with the logo design process, you’ll need a logo design brief. Using Ian Paget’s advice, you’ll be on your way.

5 things to do before creating a logo:

Even before you put pen to paper or open up Illustrator, a good logo design starts. In this article, Ian Paget discusses the necessity of doing your homework before starting a branding project.

What questions should you ask yourself before designing a logo?

Before you begin developing a logo for a firm or product, you must thoroughly research the subject matter. Logosack’s Martin Nilsson provides a helpful checklist of questions to get your project off to a good start.

Tips for creating a better logo design

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how many years of experience you have. It’s never too late to tweak your logo design. As a result, don’t become complacent; instead, use the information in these pages as a springboard to explore new directions in logo design.

How to Improve Your Logo Design: 6 Tips

Even if you’re a master logo designer, you should never take your accomplishments for granted. Here are six tips to help you push the boundaries even further.

The best logo design advice you’ll ever get: 18 helpful hints

In the same way that professional sportsmen strive to become better every day, so should logo designers. You’ll learn 18 tips to help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to your logo design efforts.

Designing a logo? Here are seven tips to help you out.

A recent class Yiying Lu taught on creative logo live-hacking includes recommendations and criticism that she shares in this thought-provoking piece. By using basic but effective design techniques, the objective was to assist entrepreneurs in effectively expressing their brand messages

Keep up with the newest developments

Logos that were successful in the past may no longer be so effective now. Whether you like it or not, logo design trends are always shifting. That doesn’t imply you have to adhere to them, but it’s beneficial to be aware of them. As a result, perusing the most current roundups of hot trends is a wise move.

Five logo trends to watch in 2017

It’s totally up to you whether or not you’re inspired by this post’s collection of current logo design trends; either way, it’s a good idea to arm yourself with knowledge before making a final selection.

a look at the hottest logo designs for 2017: a trend report

It’s not enough to know the latest trends; you need to grasp why they’re happening. As the creative director of Deluxe Logo Design, Cono Fusco is well-versed in this year’s top logo trends.

For 2017, here are nine of the most popular logo design trends to watch out for.

Here, 99Designs takes a look at nine current logo ideas for the future and explains the philosophy behind them, including anything from simplicity to distinctive typography to motion.

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