The Twitter logo is a succinct and instantly identifiable visual representation of the microblog’s intended purpose. The bird’s chirping sound whilst saying the name, the thrill of limitless free communication, and the lightning-fast speed it transmits at are all represented by the bluebird symbol.


Overview of the Twitter Brand

Established on March 21, 2006
Created By: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams
San Francisco, California is the home base.
Twitter is a social networking site with a messaging component. You may send out “tweets” of up to 140 characters. Launched in July 2006, the final version of the microblogging platform was unveiled by Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Jack Dorsey.

Context and Origins


Explain Twitter to me.

Twitter, Inc. is a company based in the United States that runs the popular social networking service Twitter. You may send “tweets,” which can be either text, audio, or video. In 2006, when the first prototype of the platform was shown off, the idea for the platform was born. After just a year, the little firm had grown into a full-fledged enterprise.

Not only is Twitter notable for its novel layout, but also for its distinctive bluebird logo. However, this glyph wasn’t widely used until 2012. Before that time, the service included a number of other well-known figures.

2005 – 2006


twttr was meant to be the name of the social network at first. Furthermore, Biz Stone made her numerous insignia that were appropriate but were never used. In one variant under consideration, the letters “twttr” were written in green and were sprinkled with droplets of dew. She was the basis for the first official Twitter identity.

2006 – 2010


Twitter’s first logo is the word in sky blue. The original typeface was designed by Linda Gavin. Lines are never fully completed, edges are never sharp, and corners are never squared off; all of these traits define him. What’s more, the letters don’t have any corners, which is an interesting design choice.

In addition, the service adopted a graphical icon in the shape of a pale bluebird in 2006. This illustration cost him just $15 to purchase from iStock. Simon Oxley, the creator of an illustrated book, had no idea his work would be featured on the BBC and CNN. Although the Larry Bird emblem was not included in the design, it was named after the NBA star Larry Bird. iStock photos could not be used in corporate logos.


Biz Stone drew inspiration from the original picture to create his own bird, complete with wings, a big white eye, and a pointed tail. Designer Philip Pascuzzo picked up the concept and ran with it. There were then two additional visual representations to choose from. One is drawn in a cartoonish way, while the other is spare and modern.

2010 – 2012


The new logo has the company’s mascot bird, Larry, on the left, and the well-known “twitter” acronym on the right (right). Philip Pascuzzo and Douglas Bowman are the designers responsible for the final draught. They took the route of brevity, eliminating what they saw as superfluous details. To represent tweets, a simple silhouette of a single hue was included.

2012 – today


The “Twitter Bird” emblem was modified on June 5, 2012 to reflect the social media platform’s new look. Because the name “twitter” wasn’t necessary, the company behind the social network opted to drop it. Martin Grasser, the designer of the logo, had just graduated from the Art Center College of Design and started working at the West advertising firm. Notorious microblogging service was actually one of its initial users.

Grasser painted about a thousand birds to get the proportions just right. The artist then presented Jack Dorsey with 24 completed drawings, and he picked the 5CS immediately.

The current logo was inspired by the swift flight of a hummingbird. The image is constructed from 15 overlapping circles. Because of this, every curve on its beak, head, wings, and breast is perfectly formed. Not only that, but the proportion of big to little circles is almost perfect for the golden ratio.

When the bird flies upward, it represents optimism, liberation, progress, and boundless potential. The circles used to make it represent how individuals from various backgrounds may work together to pursue a common goal.

The Symbol’s Typeface and Hue


The blue chirping bird emblem was once only a little icon, and it took some time for it to become the recognisable symbol that it is today. Simon Oxley paid only $15 to have it ordered from a specialist provider. A little bird with a pointed tail and extended wings is shown in mid-air here. The lines slope gently and are smooth, with no sharp corners. Now, “Larry the Bird” serves as the site’s mascot as well as its logo.


For the social networking site’s written content, a custom font has to be designed. It has smooth curves, little ornamentation, and no serifs. The letters have been hacked to make them lowercase, uniform in height, and include an outcropping “t” without the left portion of the top crossbar. The company uses a pale blue for its logo.

Color coding on Twitter

Light Blue Hex color: #1da1f2
RGB: 29 161 242
CMYK: 88 33 0 5
Pantone: PMS 299 C

So, what does that little bird on Twitter represent?

Twitter’s logo mimics the sound of birds tweeting, which is reflected in the name of the service. Conversely, the bird represents the thrill of conversation, complete independence, boundless potential, and the swiftness with which a message may be sent.

What does Twitter’s current logo look like?

The hummingbird served as inspiration for the current Twitter logo, a bluebird silhouette. A company mascot with the name of Larry. The designer-developer employed 15 circular segments, layered onto one another, to get the perfect dimensions.

What exactly represents Twitter? A bird?

A little bluebird may be seen in the Twitter emblem. The Facebook mascot, Larry Bird, takes his likeness from a Boston Celtics player of the same name.

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