No one was right when they said that the end of COVID-19 in 2022 would be a happy time. This year, we all felt the effects of the epidemic that is still going on. It changed how graphic designers share information and how they represent a business or themselves as people.

The dramatic events of the past year have made way for a new wave of psychedelic design that is both daring and creative. We also saw that businesses need to be active on social media to stay in business and that customers are becoming more and more interested in companies that are real.

Graphic Design Trends What’s Coming in 2023 Expert Tips | graphic design trends for 2023

Given how things are now, it’s hard to predict what will be popular in graphic design in the future.

Instead, let’s look at how recent changes in graphic design might affect areas as different as advertising, journalism, the job market, and communication between people. We’ll also tell you what these tendencies have in common.

You will also learn important ways to use visual design to include these trends in reports, infographics, and social media posts in the future.

In 2023, creative pragmatism will be the norm.

In 2022, designers will be told to think both creatively and practically about their work. Designs will be striking and evocative, but they will also be clear about what they are for.

As a graphic and communication designer who has made it through this crazy year, I will paint a picture (with words and pictures this time!) of what I think creative pragmatism means to me.

What does creative pragmatism mean?

Creative pragmatism is an idea that comes from putting together two ideas that don’t seem to go together: the creative and the practical.

Because being creative means taking risks, expressing yourself freely, and giving others inspiration, these are important traits. To be pragmatic means to look at things from a practical, not a theoretical, point of view.

The Great Resignation is the result of widespread pessimism, apathy, and a sense that bad things are going to happen because of the epidemic. The worst has happened to workers, forcing them to rethink their jobs and personal goals.

Everyone who works wants to feel like what they do is important, from artists to accountants. People are also realising, after being apart for years, how important it is to keep in touch with other people.

This is how we got to creative pragmatism.

It shows a style of design that is more daring and evocative, with a stronger focus on getting a message across.

The following graphic design trends for 2023 can be traced back to the meeting of creativity and realism:

  1. 90s retro-futurism symbols
  2. Visualization of data that can be changed
  3. Differences that are too big
  4. Pictures of characters in both two and three dimensions
  5. Why experimental typography is important
  6. A random, abstract design with patterns and a background
  7. 90s retro-futurism symbols

1. Thanks to creative reuse of old ideas, psychedelic designs and stickers from the 1990s are making a comeback.

Even though the psychedelic style was once associated with the counterculture and the surrealist movement, it now has a commercial purpose.

Soon, you’ll see these funny, happy emojis everywhere you go online. People may recognise this style movement by how real, striking, and often hand-drawn it is.

How to design best with retro-futurist symbols that were popular in the 1990s

Use icons and stickers to show what your brand stands for and how you like to dress.

Then, combine them with the typefaces you’ve chosen to promote your brand in places like product packaging and online media. This style is versatile enough that it could be used to make business flyers. Check out the examples we have given.

2. A random, abstract design with patterns and a background

Since the vintage style had a big impact on them, geometric backgrounds and patterns will likely still be popular in 2023.

Abstract Geometry helped make geometric patterns popular in 2021, and the trend is just picking up steam now. It’s likely that creative pragmatism will lead to more asymmetrical designs that use symbols in new ways. Ways to improve sights by using abstract, asymmetrical, and geometric shapes

Because they are easy to change, these designs can be used in many different ways, from marketing materials to annual reports. Check out the examples I’ve given to see what I mean. Geometric patterns can be made by using the same basic shapes, like squares, triangles, and circles, over and over again.

3. Differences that are too big

The Pantone Color Institute says that during Spring/Summer 2022 at New York Fashion Week, “a wide range of colours” will bring together “our desire for calm and comfort with free-spirited optimism and happy adventure.”

Please give some examples of colours that are very different from each other.

Some examples of complementary colours are blue and yellow and purple and pink, which are on opposite sides of the colour wheel.

Find out how to use high contrast in your images and how to use it well.

Extremes are the best way to show how creative pragmatism works. You can update your landing page, research report, and infographics for 2022 using this colour scheme.

4. Pictures of characters in both two and three dimensions

We all saw how 3D graphics took over the web and social media in 2022. Even though the 3D graphic trend is still going strong and growing, 2D hand-drawn illustration is making a comeback. Using creative pragmatism, designers and artists were able to combine 2D and 3D styles, which led to a new genre of mashups. This new kind of art combines the spontaneity and honesty of 2D drawings with the realism of 3D images. How to best use character art in visuals

Even if 3D content takes over the internet, scenario drawings will still be the best way to get marketing messages across visually and audibly.

Most of the time, scenarios show how the main characters and the bad guys do something. In 2022, scenario drawings will be heavily influenced by the retro-futuristic style of the 1990s.

5. Why experimental typography is important

The type scene is changing in the year 2022. Typography is becoming more popular in posters for movies and TV shows. Loki and The Squid Game are two recent examples.

How to use experimental typography in your designs and what it is.

What kinds of creative pragmatism can you find in typography?

Try out different fonts and add pictures to your writing. This is a fun way to make a poster or something else that shows what your brand stands for.

In 2022, serif fonts are also becoming more popular. If you look closely, you will notice that most serif fonts are used in experimental typography. Why? Because serif typefaces are beautiful and easy to read. So, these are the best typefaces to experiment with while keeping functionality in mind.

6. Visualization of data that can be changed

People are taking data visualisation to a whole new level because they know how important this skill will be in the coming years. Welcome to the world of talking to other people!

Because virtual reality and augmented reality are getting better, we may be able to use interactive data visualisation in 2019. In BadVR’s language, this is what it means to “walk into your data.”

You don’t have to follow every trend.

We now know what the top graphic design trends will be in 2023.

These tendencies show how important it is for people to feel like they belong and have a purpose. Here at Piktochart, we share your excitement.

How do you think graphics and visual design will change between now and the year 2023?

Which trends are you looking forward to using in your next infographics, annual reports, films, or presentations?

Last, don’t feel like you have to adopt any of the above changes in taste.

No matter what the current trend is, what matters is that your images and graphics communicate well with the people you want to reach.

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