Windsor Express logo

On October 20th, the Canadian professional basketball team Windsor Express announced a massive makeover that would enable them to boldly proceed into the future. He plans to entirely reinvent himself over the next decade with the aid of a new look. Redesigning logo, uniform, and website. NBLC will change its branding strategy.

Windsor Express logo
Windsor Express logo

It will show players’ speed, resolve, power, and strength.

Windsor Express will use an actual express train as the centrepiece of its graphic design. The train will be a new, high-speed luxury option. The designers took inspiration from a basketball and gave it a unique look. They did some clever twisting and turning with the lines, transforming them into parts of the engine that pulls the cars in a train. The ball and train’s nose have vertical black bars. Windows are black arrows.


Windsor Express logo
Windsor Express logo

The logo combines three elements:

That which identifies the team.
The mental attitude of becoming a winner.
It’s like a train, but with a ball instead of a locomotive because of how similar they seem in flight.
The logo’s sensation of motion is enhanced by the depiction of sharp lines at the end, suggesting that the ball is tossed and travels along the selected trajectory, assuming the shape of a beautiful liner. Willis has pointed out that Windsor Express is fully operational and moving on into the next decade.

Curled and pointed letters elegantly evolve into serifs. Trimmed corners give glyphs clean edges. And such a lively typeface is fitting for a speeding train. A fashion patch in form and with an uninterrupted light outline, this design has a rich red pattern and a white wordmark on a common black background.

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