Zapier, created in 2012 by a team of IT entrepreneurs headed by Wade Foster, is a platform for facilitating communication across different businesses. It offers a number of automated application programming interface devices to its customers, streamlining routine tasks. An interesting feature is that it requires no coding to use. Leads can be managed, conversations can be automated, and customer data can be systematically organised using Zapier. There is also support for several tools and Google services. As a consequence, we save time and are more productive as a whole. There are now over 4000 different apps that Zapier connects. This organisation has no brick-and-mortar locations and operates entirely through remote workers.

Meaning and history

In 2012, Wade Foster, Bryan Helmig, and Mike Knoop developed the first version of the Zapier software. The name comes from the phrase “data zapping,” which describes the process of moving information from one app to another.

There were just 25 tools to work with in the outset. Nonetheless, it was sufficient to gain entry into the Y Business Incubator and $1.3 million in funding in October 2012. It enabled the firm to develop further tools and win over international business partners.

Zapier has always relied on its remote workforce, which now spans about 40 nations. The firm plans to have 500 experts on staff and will have manufactured over 4000 different products by the year 2022.

In other words, what is Zapier?

Zapier is a programme that was made in the United States in 2012. Through the use of specialised software programmes, your company operations may be streamlined with the aid of this tool, and no coding is required for the integration of these applications. Zapier allows you to manage your contacts, prospects, and customer databases while on the go, as well as your conversations. The new tools may be accessed via the service for an extra fee. Zapier is a completely remote system with over 4000 products used by customers all over the globe and administered by approximately 500 people.

???? – 2013

2013 – 2022

There was never a change in the company’s logo’s basic principle. At first, it was a nametag in which the top dot of the letter I had been replaced with an asterisk.

2022 – today

A new logotype with the nameplate was introduced to celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary. The original ‘*’ signature has been replaced with an underscore, which has been shifted to the left of the word.


Each wordmark was created using a unique font. The primary logotype included a semibold, sans-serif design with generous spacing between the individual letters. A softer, more subtle touch was applied to the lettering.

They decided to make the letters much larger and bolder in the updated text caption.

As the spaces were filled in nearly entirely, the writing shrank in size. The letters “r,” “p,” and “a” all had little snips taken out of them at the points where two lines intersect.


The Zapier logo and website have orange as the primary hue, with black for the logo and website’s text and white for the backdrop. Why? Michael Jeter, a corporate executive, claims that the colour orange was chosen because it represents growth, success, and new beginnings. They’re big fans of the orange the astronauts eat.

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