The Zoom symbol is meant to resemble a camera lens staring at the customer. The picture is spot-on in its interpretation of the nature of the services offered. symbolising both verbal and visual interaction. The colour pattern alludes to remote communication and the cloud.

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Brand Overview in a Nutshell

Zoom Video Communications, the company that started it all, launched on October 12th, 2011.


Many different kinds of video conferencing tools may be found on the Zoom platform. Users may communicate with one another through voice chats, webinars, and video conferences from their mobile devices and personal computers. Eric S. Yuan, a Chinese-American business magnate, formed the Saasbee Corporation in 2011 and introduced the Zoom programme the following year.

Theological Connotations and Historical Context

Zoom’s logo has always included a camera icon since the platform’s primary function is to provide a reliable video connection between users. However, by 2022, when the true purpose of Zoom was finally revealed, she abandoned the badge. The designers also made sure to keep the logo’s distinctive blue hue and typeface for the inscription, making it easy to recognise.

2011 – 2013


Zoom’s original logo had the company name in huge dark blue letters, the domain in smaller black letters, and the slogan “We can see clearly now” in smaller black letters at the bottom. A white video camera with a blue “Z” was shown in a gradient inside a dark blue circle on the left.

2013 – 2014


Initially a wordmark, the trademark name was reduced in 2013. Bubble font and a dark blue colour scheme set it apart. The camera-shaped circle was still there, but the “Z” had been removed.

2014 – 2022


The developers went the easy route by only using lowercase letters to represent the platform name. The program’s simplicity and earworm appeal have become its defining characteristics. This is the well-known trademark of Zoom Video Communications Corporation, the company responsible for developing this cutting-edge equipment.

Zoom’s logo is made out of letters written in a pale blue and given rounded edges. It embodies the brand’s guiding values of minimalism, simplicity, and boldness. The design was created by the marketing department, which was also responsible for the general idea and the creation of the type. She also sanctioned the only acceptable logo variant, which has the word “zoom” in blue against a white backdrop. Adding new pieces, altering the design, or using a different colour scheme are all examples of unacceptable deviations from the brand guidelines.

Zoom Blue (# 2D8CFF), one of the blue possibilities, served as the inspiration for this colour palette. The typeface is used on a pure white (#FFFFFF) backdrop. Together, they highlight the simplicity and boldness that are hallmarks of Zoom’s design philosophy. Everything associated with video telephony services has the same calming blue hue. The website, the programme, and the promotional materials all feature him prominently because of his contribution to the aesthetic.

2022 – today


The Zoom platform has taken the route of minimalism by deleting the camera icon from its logo. It has been reduced to a simple wordmark made up of separate glyphs. The missing triangular protrusion on the “m” makes the letter seem more symmetrical than before.

Logo’s Typeface and Color Scheme


Zoom’s logo and name both use a custom font designed for the company. The corners of the letters “z” and “m” are rounded, while the other letters have long, slightly curved corners that evoke small serifs. However, this is only the author’s slant. The Kaleko 205 font was used for the overall shape of the letters, therefore there are no serifs.

The makers of the video chat app started with the contemporary grotesque and modified it to create their own unique logo. Due to its high legibility, flexibility, and harmony, this typeface was selected as the primary font. The typeface has a warm appearance thanks to its rounded corners.

Incorporating these unique letters into the otherwise standard Zoom Video Communications – Lato design was a smart choice. Because they wanted to establish a unified brand identity, the creators actively sought it out. The logo is therefore inseparable from the other parts of the platform’s visual identity, such as the corporate typeface and colour palette.


Color-codified zooming

Zoom Blue Hex color: #0a5cfe
RGB: 10 92 254
CMYK: 81 60 0 0
Pantone: PMS 2727 C

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